Dynamic and Static Website Designs- Which One is Better?

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In the digital age, the business world never remains static. You need to adjust your business goals and marketing campaign based on your needs. The ultimate purpose is to make the web presence stronger and win the online competition. However, the terms ‘static’ and ‘dynamic’ are also relevant to web pages. How does a static webpage design differ from the dynamic one? A good website design company knows the difference and provides you with the best solution.

Before choosing between static and dynamic website designs, you must have a clear concept.

Defining the dynamic webpage design

A dynamic webpage has some special characteristics to show varied content and serve different users. It should be based on a range of factors like

  • The target users’ preferences

  • Language 

  • The time zone and several other factors

Google has created dynamic web designs, as the company tailor them to their users’ needs. For instance, you can adjust it to have information in a preferred language. The best fact about the dynamic web page design is that it promotes good connection and communication with your visitors.

Web designers focus on functionality while designing the dynamic web page. Their aim is to communicate with users and let them find the desired information from the site. For instance, one common feature of a dynamic webpage is Site Search. You can also add a slider that encourages customers to purchase products online. 

The technically advanced dynamic webpage involves the use of server-side and client-side scripting. ASP, PHP, and CGI are the most popular languages chosen for designing a dynamic page. These technologies enable a site to access database information. Speed is the major factor that you must consider for creating the dynamic page. However, you can solve the webpage load time with the CMS solution.

A dynamic design is always important for eCommerce platforms, blogging sites, news update sites, and other similar websites. You may have thought of creating the dynamic web design with pre-loaded templates. However, it is better to hire a team of web designers for this purpose. They will create professional looking websites with a dynamic design.

Defining the static webpage design-

A static page has a consistent design with a particular number of pages. It is also referred to as the default page, as it will remain intact until someone has modified it manually. Although static pages do not take much time to load, the dynamic versions are popular. 

JavaScript, CMS, and HTML are technologies for building a static website. A static site is a perfect choice for those who like to display their resumes, CV, and portfolio. Creating a static web design does not take much time and effort. For instance, as a freelancer, you can design this type of website to show your portfolio. However, a company owner who likes to distinguish his business website can create a dynamic website design.

Dynamic and static webpages- A comparative analysis-

  1. Static pages need less effort, time, and resources to create. On the contrary, the dynamic one will be slightly costlier, as it includes more designs.

  2. There is no program and application related to static web page design. But, dynamic pages contain programs.

  3. Static designs are created with languages like CMS, HTML, and JavaScript. However, the dynamic page is written in ASP, GCI, GCI, and some other languages.

  4. It takes minimal time to load a static page. The dynamic ones need a slightly more time to load.

From the above analysis of static and dynamic page designs, you have understood their differences. But, nowadays, you can find the use of another term- semi-dynamic website. Some websites have a combination of dynamic and static webpages. It is true that not every page of a site needs frequent updates. For instance, About Us, Vision, Mission, and other pages do not need adjustment. On the contrary, testimonials, video gallery, image gallery, and blog pages need updates.

Semi dynamic sites enable you to modify significant parts of your site. It is a highly cost-effective option for a business. Moreover, semi-dynamic sites are highly functional and search-engine-friendly, and you can customise them in your own way.

To decide on the right type of web design, you can consult your web designers. These professionals will provide you with the best guidance after assessing your business needs. Set your budget for a web design project. A more complicated design may make your project costlier. But, reliable designers charge a reasonable amount for their services. 

It is important to check that your designers have incorporated every essential feature into your site. Create a highly functional and feature-rich website for your target audience. An SEO-friendly website will give you the best value. Engage the most qualified web designers and developers in India.

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