Do Nicotine Salts Require A Special Device for Vaping?

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Nic salts offer a smoother, cleaner throat hit of nicotine. They come in higher concentrations than freebase nicotine-based e-liquids, which means you need to vape them less frequently to receive the same results. This can extend the life of your vaping device and cost you less overall in vaping materials.

Upon considering these factors, perhaps you've decided you'd like to give nic salts a try. One question you're likely to have next is whether you need a specialized vaping device such as a portable pod system to use nicotine salts or if you can use them without one.

Nic Salt Devices

The device used to vape nic salts is called a nic salt pod. These are similar to standard vaping mods used to vape other e-liquids, except that they operate at a much lower wattage. They typically hold less vaping material (i.e., nic salts), and often have a shorter battery life, as these devices are usually smaller.

Some of the pods are also disposable meaning you can throw it off after using up all the e-juice in it. Apart from that, you get refillable and non-refillable pods too. Depending on your preference, you can choose.

Types Of Nic Salt Devices

There are two basic types of nic salt devices: open and closed systems. Open system nic salt devices are refilled manually with nic salt e-liquids that can be purchased in a wide variety of concentrations and flavors.

Closed system nic salt pod devices only operate using prefilled pods or cartridges that can also be purchased in a range of concentrations and tend to be sold in packs of four.

Closed systems such as the STIG pods are really beneficial for new vapers so look for user-friendly devices. You get the portable pod system in specific flavors and nicotine levels offered by the manufacturer.

How To Know How Much Nic Salts To Vape?

Figuring out how much to use is based on how much nicotine you're accustomed to. You can also compare the costs. Consider whether you're a light, moderate or heavy nicotine user:

• Heavy nicotine users may use 1.2 to 2 ml of nic salts per day
• Moderate nicotine users may use 0.7 to 1.0 ml of nic salts per day
• Light nicotine users may use 0.2 to 0.5 ml of nic salts per day

When you are using pods such as the STIG, you can about 6% of nicotine, so this is ideal for ex-smokers looking for that nicotine kick when vaping.

Why Not Use Salt Nic Juice In Sub Ohm Devices?

Nic salts generally come in higher nicotine levels; they are designed to be paired with lower powered devices so that the overall absorption of nicotine remains in a reasonable range. If, however, you pair a high nicotine nic salt with a high power device, you can far more easily get too much nicotine too quickly. For this reason, stick to vaping nic salts only in portable pod system.

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