E-liquid Buying Guide!

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When the vaping scenario was new, there weren’t many choices for vaping essentials like we have today. Today we have numerous wholesale e-liquid suppliers who extend the variety of e-liquids and vape juices cartridges.

Though with a ton of choices available now it has become pretty difficult to choose the right e-juice. There a number of factors that are to be taken into account when investing in q-liquids like the intensity of High VG and PG ratios, nicotine salts, free base to short fills, etc.

Here, we have presented a full-fledged guide that will help you choose the right e-juice.

Juice Ideal for Strong Throat Hit

The traditional way of consuming tobacco, basically smoking cigarettes can be severe on the back of the throat, and a lot of people miss that they have quit smoking.

If you are on a quest for replicating that throat hit, you require an e-liquid with a good capacity of propylene glycol. The solution here is to study the VG: PG ratio. A VG: PG ratio of 50:50 giving an ample amount of strong throat hit.

Juice Ideal for Soft Throat Hit

There are two popular ways of softening the throat hit of an e-liquid. The first way to correct it and make the soft throat hit is by adding nicotine salts.

They were originally introduced because vapers and e-juice suppliers and manufacturers found the nicotine hit with very high strength e-liquids were pretty harsh. Nicotine salts found in original tobacco leaves confers a much smoother throat hit.

Liquids for Cigarette-style Vape

If you are contemplating substituting the feeling of a cigarette, there are a couple of options.

The first one is an e-liquid with an extra amount of propylene glycol, typically with a VG: PG ratio of 50:50, which hits a similar throat to that of smoke. These e-liquids, best practiced with pod devices and lower-powered devices, are also most suitable for a tight, confined draw that more nearly imitates a cigarette.

But lately, many vapers have stated that pod systems utilize a combination of nicotine salts and regular e-liquid.

Juice Suitable for Open Pods and Starter Kits

Starter kits and pod systems are normally intended for performance with more powerful PG degrees (e.g. VG: PG 50:50). You can correct this by slacking the pace and the resistance of your coil. If the resistance of your coil is beyond 1 ohm, you are most backed off using a high PG e-liquid.

E-liquids for Cloud Chasing

If your preference is to produce larger clouds of vapor, then you’ll be should opt for short-fills. These are basically big-sized bottles of e-liquid, which appear with space at the top of the bottle to attach a nicotine shot.

Wrapping Up!

I hope the above inferences will come in handy to you the next time you go e-liquid shopping.

Picking the right e-juice in the initial days might be a bit confusing and minefield especially when you encounter an ocean of the alternative. But if you follow this guide and then go to e-juice suppliers, you’ll be able to narrow down your criteria and choose the right e-liquid to start with.

Explore the wonderful and diverse world of e-liquid flavors with the help of this guide.

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