Different kinds of Tawaf e Kaaba

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Tawaf is the most important rite of Pilgrimage either Hajj or Umrah. It cannot proceed unless pilgrims wear the Ihram. Ihram is actually a particular dress which consists of two cloth pieces. Ihram is worn in different ways from men and women. Moreover, in the state of Ihram pilgrims are not allowed to hunt prescribed animals. 

However, in the case of committing a violation of Ihram, they have to pay the Kaffarah (Penalty). There are seven Tawafs which are circumambulated as an anticlockwise around the Kaaba. Pilgrims who have planned to go for Tawaf e Kaaba through cheapest Umrah packages 2020 must have complete information regarding pilgrimage either major or minor. Several people have a keen desire to kiss the Black Stone during the Tawaf e Kaaba, but scholarly pointed towards Hijr e Aswad is enough in a huge gust.

•    Tawaf-ul-Qudoom:

Tawaf-ul-Qudoom is accomplished from those pilgrims who go to Mecca in order to perform Hajj, Umrah or just Ziarat. In fact, it is a welcome and Sunnah for those who do not live in the valley of Mecca. However, at the time of Hajj al Tamatu or Umrah, it is not allowed to perform. 

•    Tawaf-ul-Ziarah:
This is the Tawaf which is obligatory rite while proceeding Hajj. If it is missed then Hajj will not be completed. 

•    Tawaf-ul-Wada:

Tawaf-ul-Wada is wajib for those who have performed Hajj. So, at the time of departure or leaving the Mecca this is circumambulated. Messenger of Allah-Almighty said, “Let none of you leave Mecca before making a Tawaf around the Kaaba as the last of Hajj rites”.

•    Tawaf-ul-Nafl:

Tawaf-ul-Nafl is proceeded instead of Nafl Salah which can be performed at any time whenever you want to perform. 

•    Tawaf-ul-Umrah:

It is mandatory for Umrah pilgrims at any time of the year. In the case of missing the Umrah will not be completed.

•    Tawaf-ul-Nazr:

This is the Tawaf which is compulsory for those who make a strong intention to perform it whenever they will go to Mecca.

•    Tawaf-ul-Tahiyaah:

It is Mustahib and is performed as the pilgrims enter in the Al-Haram.

However, Tawaf-ul-Umrah can proceed at any time of the year, that’s why people focus is on such an incredible type of Umrah because they have the opportunity to perform Umrah at any time of the year. People who are free from education or business stress, certainly select Tawaf-ul-Umrah through the best hajj Umrah tour operators from the UK to Saudi Arabia. But, if your intention is not to perform the Umrah then you must concentrate above mentioned kinds of Tawaf that in what circumstances they are obligatory.

Whatever pilgrims perform above-mentioned Tawaf, they must have complete information about how they are performed. If in any case they are prohibited, so pilgrims are not allowed to proceed them. 

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