Different Driveway Designs Constructed Using Asphalt

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Asphalt constructions are standard in every country and every city and are used enormously in the national transportation network. An asphalting company Sydney could come in handy when you are getting parking lots constructed or roads, airport biking and walking trails and even streets. 

It has been found that this material constitutes about 90% of the parking area in entire America. 

It is a high-end material that can last for more than three decades with proper installation procedures and timely maintenance. There is also the flexibility of choosing the driveway design. 

But you cannot go forward and select any design coming your way. Understanding them is a crucial part of the process, and this is what we have done here in this article.


In this design, high-quality asphalt contractors lay asphalt material before the concrete, and it is a highly durable process if you are looking for something that is quick to install, robust, simple and also economical. 

This process is mostly used in residential driveways, but you will have to make sure that maintenance is done regularly. It is recommended that you should get resealing done on your driveway every 3-5 years.


Experts at every asphalting company Sydney will agree that this design is ideal if you live in a high-end estate house. The circular driveway design involves twisting around the main island and further running off to an underground garage of the building. 

Just like the one discussed above, this driveway would also require maintenance and look after regularly.


This combination of asphalt and turf can give a very stunning look to your driveway if used and integrated well with the help of high-quality asphalt contractors. 

It will surely leave your guests stunned, but the downside is that it would require double maintenance in the form of asphalt maintenance and look-after and clearing of the turf. 

It would also be the responsibility of the user to keep the lawn or turf adequately trimmed.


This design is ideal for modern-day properties, and experts from asphalting company Sydney use tar and chip along with liquid asphalt in it. This way, it can be great to create curvy designs in such a way that grassy islands are excluded. It will also give a bloomy look to the garden. 

Another advantage is that liquid asphalt is used in the process, and it is known to everyone that liquid asphalt has a significant role to play in prolonging the lifespan of any driveway.


This material is incredibly popular because of its versatility and features. Yes, it will require maintenance regularly, but there is no doubt that when given on time, the life would get prolonged, surprisingly. 

As a part of regular maintenance, you will have to set it free from potholes, alligator cracks, gorges and so on. Sealing the cracks will make it look new again, and asphalt seal coating will prevent it from the ill effects of the winter season.

Other than seal coating, you should ensure that you – 

  • Control Weeds That Grow In The Cracks
  • Clean Any Oil Spills On Your Driveway
  • Practice Driveway Resurfacing By Seal Coating
  • Regularly Adding Topsoil To The Edges To Provide Support

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