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So many people around the world are looking for Mobile App Development company as they want to build an app for their innovative ideas. For example, not many of us are good managers in managing money and budget and more often we end up spending more than what we are supposed to. This often creates unnecessary stress as it is never good to spend more than what you earn. Ultimately we all need to monitor our spending and that’s why it is a good idea to develop Personal expense tracker app. These kind of apps are becoming highly popular nowadays as they make people’s life easier and take stress out of their heads.

Why to Build a Money Management App?

A large number of people are already using expense tracking apps.  These apps have multi-million dollars of market in US and around the world. This trend is picking up more speed now. Some of the most prominent apps from this category are:-

Mint has +20m users;
Money Lover, +1m installs
Monefy, +1m installs
Level Money, +500k installs, 700k users
Personal Capital Finance, +100k installs

Hence it is clear that it is now the right time to contact an App Developer and get a money management app developed and jump onto the bandwagon and cash this huge opportunity.

To get a reliable and amazing money management app, the businesses should get in touch with expert mobile app development companies as it required indepth technical skills and experience to make a brilliant and sophisticated money tracker mobile apps.

Features of Expense Management Mobile App

In-Built Categories

When we talk about expense management, then in-build categories are very helpful. Users can manage their finances easily when their expenses are categorized.  Therefore, app developers can offer in-built categories which can be renamed or classified by the users as per their requirements. The businesses via their expense tracker mobile applications, can also allow the users to find expenses based on their merchant name of the suppliers. This helps to gain a better understanding of where exactly does their expenses go.

Suggest Distribution Plan

Businesses can Hire App Developer and with the help of such financial management software the users can track where to best invest their money and where do their expenses go. This allows the users to manage their assets more actively and thus they can also set their goals, such as saving money to purchase a car or for a bank loan repayment. These can be of many types:-

Credit card payment;
Bills Payment;
Mutual Funds;
IRA investment;
Real estate investments, etc.

When information is bind in one account then the app should be able to prepare a review, with the help of a table or diagram, displaying the user’s assets distribution. The app which can keep track of the investments is loved by its users.

Send alerts
In order to avoid instances when a user might forget to make some payments and has to face some fines, the money management app can save the user by sending alerts for example in these cases:-
To remind the user about future bill payments
To change the cost standard
To give low-balance alert
To inform about doubtful transactions etc.

Features for Expense Tracking: -

Track expenses and incomes
Recurring expense and income
Tracking multiple bank accounts transactions
Click a picture of receipt
Track your taxation
Tracking the mileage
Tracking Debts
Credit/Debit Card and bank SMS message parsing
Write, Print and Email checks
Budget and Bill Organizing Options
Organizing bills by week, month and year as well as by categories
Schedule the payments and recurring payments
Payment Alerts
Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly budget with progress bar
Calendar view for expense and incomes
Leading Personal Expense Management Mobile Apps:-


This app comes integrated with lots of amazing features. Users can see everything in one place, manage their money and bills and can even pay their bills. It also provides their credit score, remind them of coming payments, multi-factor authentication for high security and also offers a web app.

Money Lover

This is a free to use app which offers a clean and attractive interface with lots of useful features. MoneyLover enables the users to easily manage their expenses and also it automatically categorizes spending on movies, food, games and anything else which you buy alongwith beautiful images. This app also tracks your spending and income in the past, present and future months and displays everything in an easy to read format. Although the free version of this apps includes annoying ads which clutter the interface.


This app is also like Mint but there is no-automation here. Hence it won’t simply hook up your accounts and let the app take care of everything as here you would be required to manually enter your expenses. Although there are bill reminders or pay within the app features, you will surely have more control and you will be more involved in the process which can help in controlling spending.


As we have just discussed, managing your finances with money tracker mobile apps can bring many benefits for example it can stop the impulse purchases, help people from going under unnecessary debt, remove needless purchases, force the people to focus on what their money is worth and most important it makes money management lot more easier for common people and allows them to be in total control of their finances.

Features which contribute in Finding the Cost of Development of Money Management Mobile App:-

The total cost to develop an expense tracker mobile app depends on various factors and features as the system is integrated with lots of features and a lot of integrations. Below are the factors which mainly affect the cost of Personal Finance Management Mobile app:-

Most Basic and Important Features
Additional and Advanced features
Size of the development team
Location of the Development Company
Third-Party integrations i.e. Third-party resources, databases, APIs, Authorization etc.
Maintenance and Technical Support
Certifications and Compliances

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