Common Winter Car Problems and How to Avoid Them for Safe Driving

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The winter months are particularly severe for a car. All its performance parameters drop significantly in this season. Many problems also begin to crop up, which not only affects its performance but also potentially compromises on rider safety. Statistics also corroborate that. Last year, a total of 2,554 accidents happened when there was snow on the streets. 29 people died, and 251 people were severely injured in these mishaps, with over 2,200 people suffering minor injuries.

Another research by the Association of British Insurers shows that over 1.5 million vehicles have been victims of accidents in the last 5 years between November and February. Collectively, over £400 million have been spent on the repairs of these vehicles.

Common winter car problems

All these points to one direction- you must be extra cautious when the mercury dips. There are some common problems that most car owners face during this season. Awareness about these may help you prevent them from happening.

  • Brittle wiper blades

Visibility is a crucial factor in winters what with all the snowfall and occasional blizzards. The problem aggravates as the soft wiper blades tend to harden and become brittle due to the frigid temperature. When that happens, it’ll not be able to wipe the windscreen properly and may also cause scratches.

Change the wiper blades at the beginning of each winter. Also, check the level and condition of the washer fluid and refill as necessary.

  • Dead battery

There’s probably nothing more horrifying than getting in your car in the morning and turning the ignition key only to hear a clicking sound. It is most likely a result of a dead battery. Batteries discharge quicker in frigid temperatures.

Park your car in a closed garage at night so that the overall temperature stays relatively high. Always carry a jumper cable in the trunk of your vehicle. Also, ask your technician to perform a load test when you take your car for servicing to a dependable service garage like Matmore Motors at the start of the season. Along with battery, they also perform exhaust, clutch and brake repair in Spalding.

  • Thick fluids

Every vehicle relies on some fluids for their operation. These fluids become thicker in cold temperatures, losing their viscosity and thereby bringing down the performance of your car.

Check the level and condition of all the fluids of your car once a week. Look out for any leaks as well. Use premium grade engine oil for cold weather for the best performance of your vehicle.

  • Tyres losing grip

Snowy or icy roads warrant tyres with superior gripping ability. There are many winter and snow tyres in the market designed specifically for that purpose. If you are using winter or all-season tyres when there’s heavy snow covering the streets, your car will not exert adequate grip to ensure safe driving in these conditions. Always fit your car with winter tyres in Spalding.

Do not take winter road safety lightly. Taking care of these problems will reduce the chances of any harm befalling you on snow-laced roads.

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