Checklist: Application Performance Testing Roadmap

by Zayyan Ali Marketing Manager

Have you ever wondered what are the most common issues when it comes to performance testing? Well, performing tests in an unrealistic environment is the most common problem that we have observed. If an app is to be tested for its performance that it is important to deploy to powerful machines, as it is not possible to work on any kind of assumptions. Because when the system is deployed in the production phase, the results vary. Thus a performance testing company ensures that its expertise uses the available resources and make the most of their testing efforts. 

We cannot completely ignore the performance testing issues, thus it is important to review the bottlenecks that cause hindrance in achieving the best results from performance testing. Lets have a look at the bottlenecks in performance testing:

Making too many changes at once:

Development teams work under great pressure due to increased software quality and reduced time to the market. So testers make a mistake that they often end up changing a lot of things simultaneously, due to which their performance testing efforts go down the drain. They should work on the approach to make one step at a time i.e. one switch, one code change at a time and then test it. By following this approach, testers understand what’s going on in their system and how to test it efficiently 

Tools Selection:

A performance testing company leverages all its available tools and resources to make the most of their testing processes. The more information that is available, the better testers can understand a system’s behavior and the earlier they spot out these points, the earlier they can move to the production phase. 

Test Early and Test Right:

Performance testing is typically carried out at the end of the software development process. But in an agile or DevOps environment, this strategy no longer works. It is important to place performance checks at the early stages of the software development lifecycle, so that time, efforts and money can be saved. 

A performance testing company focuses on testing and improving an app’s quality and performance from all aspects. There are some parameters they need to check thoroughly for which they have hired professional performance testers. They check the behavior of the application under various workloads. You can also understand the importance of performance testing by paying attention to a Black Friday’s sale. During the sale period, there can be unexpected user load that can cause a website to crash. So retailers ensure that their systems are up and running efficiently under any user loads, so that everyone can shop easily. On the contrary, if customers fail to make a purchase, they will have a bad shopping experience and will earn  a bad reputation for the business. Thus, performance testing is the key to any app’s success in the market, and there are various tools and testers that can be deployed to make the best performance testing efforts.

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