Causes and Cure for Androgenic Alopecia

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Alopecia Areata or Male/female pattern baldness is a hereditary hair loss condition that may occur at any age, even at the earlier age of ten or twenty. The main symptom such a type of hair loss is the receding hairline, the frontal hairline starts to recede backward making an “m” shaped pattern on the scalp.


While the prominent cause of the hair loss is genetics, there many other things that can make the hair loss worse including nutritional deficiency, an excess of male hormones Dihydrotestosterone and other underlying conditions.

Symptoms of Androgenic Alopecia

Since it is a hereditary condition, it can appear in an individual of any age and gender. Most of the individuals who suffer from pattern baldness experience receding hairline at the frontal scalp.

Individuals suffering from androgenic alopecia would tend to experience more than usual hair loss in their daily routine. They would find plenty of hair while showering, under the pillow and while brushing their hair. In such a situation, it is necessary to consult a nearby surgeon and get the best advice.

Treating Androgenic Alopecia

The hereditary hair loss condition can be treated with topical or oral medicine and the lost hair can be restored with a surgical hair restoration procedure such as FUE hair transplant in Dubai, a minimally invasive hair transplant procedure that allows you to transplant the maximum number of the hair follicle from donor parts to the recipient regions.


It is an FDA approved treatment for male and female hair loss conditions. The topical application of Minoxidil boost up the growth of hair follicles and put their growth on the right path.

Minoxidil does not provide the overnight outcomes but you may have to use it for a longer period to get few results and to keep them healthy. Moreover, it can also induce many side effects including decreasing sexual desires, soreness, and other disabilities. So, long-term use should be avoided.

Non-invasive therapies

Non-invasive hair loss therapies including PRP therapy, Mesotherapy, and low level, as light therapy are very effective in stimulating the health of hair follicles and putting their growth in the right way.

These are non-invasive, less time-consuming therapies with no side effects. Most of the surgeons recommend going for these along with a hair transplant procedure to boost the outcomes.

Hair Transplant

In the case you have developed a mature baldness and are not suffering from a running hair loss condition, then it is the time that you should go for a hair transplant procedure in order to regrow the lost Hair.

Hair Transplant is a surgical hair restoration procedure in which hair follicles are extracted from one part of the scalp and are transplanted at the other, the balding or thinning part.

Hair transplant can be done with two conventional mechanisms including FUT hair transplant and FUE hair transplant.

During the FUT, a strip of scalp is removed from back or sides of the scalp to obtain hair grafts from that. Once the grafts are obtained the strip is stitched back and the grafts are transplanted at the recipient sites. This procedure leaves a linear scar on the donor side of the scalp.

In the FUTR hair transplant procedure, singular follicular units are extracted from the donor parts of the scalp to transplant them at the recipient parts. Since there is no cutting and stitching, this procedure does not leave a linear scar but tiny scar that are mostly invisible.

Book a free consultation

If you are suffering from hair loss, baldness or hair thinning and looking to sort out with the best and permanent remedy, then it is the time you consider an FUE hair transplant in Dubai. Before deciding to undergo any hair restoration procedure, it is necessary to have a consultation with an expert surgeon. You can avail a free consultation at Hair Transplant Dubai clinic.

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