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VP-896 Wellon VP896 Universal Programmer Advantage

Wellon VP-896 is update version of VP890 programmer. VP896 Universal Programmer suitable for electronic product development and car repair workshop. What are other advantages of VP-896 Wellon Programmer? Wellon VP896 EEPROM programming VP-896 Universal Programmer   Do you know what... Read More

BMW ICOM A2 NCS experto en cambio millas a km en BMW Z4 M3 X3

Found lots of threads about BMW changing miles to km. Here i would share my experience of odometer programming. I did a few changes on my Z4, M3 and X3 through ICOM A2 emulator running with NCS Expert. Worked great! I did on the Z4: – open/closing Top with key – Open/closing top doesn... Read More

Advantages You can Get by Opting to Turbo Repair

You definitely know that turbochargers play an essential role in allowing a car to perform well. No doubt that the credit of high performance of a racing or a sportscar go mainly to the turbo chargers. So, it’s very essential to repair it as soon as you detect any problem. However, the cars ... Read More

How to Use nice price NitroOBD2 Plug and Drive ChipTuning Box?

According to your driving habits,  NitroOBD2 makes new map in the car’s computer ECU to increase the performance of your car. As you driving much more KM/Mile, it renews the map. Thus it keeps the vehicle’s power and torque increasing.But do you know how to install it? here, to i... Read More

Turbocharger Repairs: Their Effectiveness Explained

The oil crisis of the 1970 forced the OEMs to reduce the levels of fuel consumption. For this reason, the concept of aerodynamics got a boost and so did the advanced engine technology. During that period, Saab and BMW launched their first turbocharged gasoline engines and soon the trend was ... Read More

How Reconditioned Turbochargers are Made by the Professionals?

Repairing of turbo or reconditioned turbochargers is becoming a important part of the modern day vehicles. All the users of vehicles know that without it, their cars cannot give good performance. As such, when they face any problem with it, they start to search for the right repairing compan... Read More

How to Maintain Turbochargers of Your Vehicle?

The turbochargers of the vehicle failed due to a number of reasons. Sometimes, due to the lack of lubrication, its performance is disturbed. If any alien matter goes inside the turbo, it causes problems bringing down its efficiency. Moreover, when the user compels the turbo to work fast than... Read More

Turbocharger Repairs: What Causes Their Failure?

Turbochargers are mostly associated with engines and high performance vehicles but are becoming more and more common in other sectors too due to their superb engine efficiency and robust performance. A turbo easily has the ability to intercept waste gases that emits from your vehicle even be... Read More

Turbo Repair and Rebuild: Things of Your Interest

When a turbocharger comes right from the factory it is found in perfect balance, which mean that the turbo turbine is spinning smoothly. However, it is important to keep the turbine in perfect balance. In case the balance is not restored, it will start wearing and performing ineffectively. I... Read More

Points To Consider Before Putting Your Classic Car For Sale

So, you have taken the decision to sell your classic vehicle. In some cases, maintaining classic cars can be troublesome. In this situation, selling the classic car is an easy and simple decision to make. Classic cars are not available easily, therefore these are pretty costly. This is why, b... Read More