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MB SD C4 has been updated to newest version 2015.09

Today I am writing to inform you a big news :The most popular MB SD Connect 4 has been updated the newest version 2015.09 .Are you surprising about the newest MB SD C4 , or how much you acknowledge of it . please follow me :Top features to get the newest MB SD C4:1.Support Wireless 2.Software Vers... Read More

BMW Scanner 1.4.0 VS 2.0.1 VS 2.20 K+Dcan

Every BMW owner knows BMW Scanner series, especially BMW Scanner 1.4.0 car diagnostic tool for its low cost and high efficiency, do all kind of stuff including very easy coding. Here I would like to make a comparison between the three popular devices, they are BMW Scanner 1.4.0, ... Read More

BMW Creator C310 vs. C110 vs. C100 Code Reader

Heat discussion is raised among BMW Creator C310, C110 and C100 code reader in forum. Following part displays differences and similarities among C310, C110 and C100 scanners. Function: C110 code reader supports read trouble codes, clear tr... Read More

Latest V4.8 BMW Creator C310 Scan Tool

Creator C310 BMW scan tool with the latest version 4.8 software has now been available on Eobd2. As a hand-held device, Creator C310 code reader can do basic diagnostics for BMW with only €50.00 here.V4.8 BMW Creator C310 for BMW Functions:1. Read and clear trouble codes; 2. Clear trouble ... Read More

How To Gauge The Wear on Budget Tyres in Gold Coast

Car tyres are one of the most expensive parts of any vehicle, and the current financial crisis has made it even more difficult to find affordable new tyres. One alternative which has become very popular with cost-aware drivers is to buy used or part-worn tyres. These are tyres which have already bee... Read More

New Arrival Super ICOM Latest V2015.03 Software

Super ICOM V2015.03 Software for BMW ICOM/ICOM A2 is the latest software, is a 100% fully functions as dealer workshop use.Icom software installed base on Windows 8.1 64Bit OS, fit for most of PC/laptops in the market with SATA port.Current software version: 2015.03:ISTA-D: 3.47.30ISTA-P: ... Read More

Best auto repairs are at your doorstep

An authorized NAPA auto care center, company is best known for quality services with normal charges. You can rely on their ASE certified master technicians with over 60 years of experience; they will guide you to the right direction. They will not rip you off, because they charge reasonably. Fa... Read More

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT power up to 462Ps

426Ps and 510Ps believe only two power versions of this code for a new beginning 4.0T V8 twin-turbo engine, M178, and later it will be a more dynamic version depending on the location and level of derivative models, of course, In addition to AMG GT will be applied to that of more models, such as the... Read More

Lexus RX new generation information disclosure

Lexus SUV in the field of competition is clearly not keep up with rivals in Germany, but with the emergence of the new NX, Lexus began to change its development concept in the SUV market. The new generation RX increased 7 version also to adapt to the market and make adjustments. Recently, the new L... Read More

Minimize The Friction Of Your Vehicle With Solid Roller Lifters

In the current scenario, people are addicted to take special ride in the luxurious vehicle to impress the peers, and their personality in the positive way. With this, they can achieve the high speed on the way as per their preference and priority level. The demand of this vehicle is growing day by d... Read More