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Basic Tips to Take Perfect Photo for a Canvas

Expensive cameras do not equate to perfect photos on canvas!  However, following some basic techniques and a good camera can get you the perfect shot!  Some basic steps and suggestions from our end to get your perfect shot for the canvas: Set your camera to ‘Highest’ Quali... Read More

Buy Wise Owl Sitting On the Books Blue Painting Online from Curtis and Hayes

Buy beautiful Wise Owl Sitting on the Books Blue painting online that will completely revamp the look of your living room. The (product name) painting is creation of famous international painter which is typically high street.   Available in various dimensions: H30 X W30 cm &nb... Read More

New Contemporary ArtPainting.Gallery Launched Online With A Bang

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASENew Zealand, 18-AUGUST-2015 - ArtPainting.Gallery is pleased to announce the launch of its brand-new contemporary original art painting gallery online. The art painting gallery features a selection of contemporary and modern art which is hand-picked by experts and very e... Read More

Home & Furniture: Canvas, Prints And Wall Art UK

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEManchester, UK (April 13, 2014) - unveils an amazing collection of personalized products like, canvas, prints, photography, wall arts and much more to beautify the environment of your residential as well as commercial properties. The UK based company offers ... Read More

Animals in Zen Paintings – Feng Shui Wall Art Decor

With their clean, monochrome lines and simple subjects, Zen paintings are an ideal choice for wall art in minimalist interior design. Also known as sumi-e, the ink wash painting characteristic of Zen art is done with a brush similar to calligraphy brush and tapered to a fine point, almost always in ... Read More

How Music and Abstract Paintings Interact

Music is a traditional metaphor for other art forms, and one to which poetry in particular is often compared. But among the visual arts, abstract painting is most often described as comparable to music, due to its non-representational structure. Music can be understood as an embodied form of knowled... Read More

Decorate Your House With Fine Wall Paintings

Art in simple words is pure manifestation of beauty. In arts such as painting and photography the artist tries to capture a moment of glory and beauty. The job of an artist is to mesmerize the onlookers with his or her creativity and ability. Paintings of some world renowned painters such as... Read More

Female Nude With A Dog

Among Courbet's all unlimited talents, the most exceptional was that he could turn barbaric affairs into elegant paintings. And these paintings tightly gripped our eyes, and got a space in the western painting altar. For example, this theme was so vulgar and frivolous, drawing a plump nude sitting o... Read More

Category of Oil Painting Knives

As we all know that the painting knives are extremely common used when the artists are painting. Of course, there are many different kinds of knives and different knives have different uses. In the previous article, I have mentioned two kinds of knives. And following I will introduce ot... Read More

Francesco Maria della Rovere

Tiziano Vecellio, also known as Titian, he is the leader of the 16-century Venetian school of the Italian High Renaissance. He is also the greatest Vienna artist of the 16 century, the shaper of the Venetian coloristic and painterly tradition. He made contributions to all of the major areas of Renai... Read More

Creating New Images through a Photo Montage

Photography is an art that has no limitations; one can create something out of nothing. A good photographer can make even an ugly looking person look beautiful. This is done by the effects that are available through the software. Mixing of two or may be more images that does not have even the slight... Read More

Forbidden Literature The Use of The Word

Before knowing Italian surrealist painter Chirico, Ernst and Rene Magritte (1898.11-1967.8) had been engaged in advertising and wallpaper design. At that time, he was just a not very good advertising designer. In 1927, he came to Paris and his works were firstly encouraged by Britton who said his id... Read More

Add A Touch Of Style Instantly To Your House Or Work Space With Wall Murals

Decorating a house is never easy. The biggest problem is that after a short time, interiors become tired through wear and tear and we do get bored with looking at the same colours. As a result, we have to keep changing our décor in order to maintain a fresh outlook. Have you decided that it is ab... Read More

Contemporary Wall Art - Not Just For Modern Interiors

It is time to realise the potential of wall art for interior decoration and understand how to choose the best suited colour scheme and style for your house or work space. The general accepted idea used to be that modern or contemporary art could only be used for modern interior schemes. However m... Read More Announces New Canvas Painting Sets To Its Home Décor Product Line

The popular online art supplier adds new canvas painting sets (wall art) to expand its comprehensive range of home decoration catalog. Besides the items of oil painting reproduction, Chinese painting and photo to art, artisoo gallery offers a huge choice of canvas painting sets, rang... Read More

A Quick Guide On How To Create Stunning Wall Art And Photo Collages

Choosing the right look and feel for your interior is not an easy task. However, with an increasing number of wall art and personalized options available, putting your own stamp on your décor has become a lot easier. Designing a wall is a creative task and one can decorate it the way one prefers.... Read More

Outdoor Wall Art Creates an Ambience of Self Contentment!

Decorating walls of your house needn’t necessary be inside your house even the outdoor walls can be beautified with elegant wall arts. Evidently one of the main things you will need to think about will be what variety of canvas you will be using. There are different types that you could choose from,... Read More

How to decorate your wall?

Absolutely nothing is fun more them decorating the bedroom in readiness to get a cheap oil paintings. Choosing nursery wall stickers with the wall, wonderful bed sets and artist designs for your bare wall is best means of spending several days. One problem for many people homeowners is encountered h... Read More

Wall Murals - Makes Your Bare Walls Come Alive

Keeping your home décor stylish and fresh is a great way to make sure that your home feels comfortable to live in as it will be a true reflection of who you are. Nowadays, it is easy to do so by creating the ambience and atmosphere that you desire with the help of wall murals. A few great art retail... Read More

Interior Decoration Made Easy With New Bespoke Wall Art

Enter into a world of creativity. Gone are the days when the main wall decoration options were limited to paint and wallpaper. In the present time people can experiment with a new concept which means that they can design their walls with a print of their choice.Houses are places where people can get... Read More

How the modern canvas art can help you

For example, if you simply love the modern canvas art, you should definitely purchase a few works of art and use them in order to decorate your house. Have you always dreamt about having a house that makes a statement each and every single time someone enters your house? I am sure that you always... Read More

Buying original canvas wall art for your home

Who doesn’t like to have a beautiful house that is originally decorated? If you want your house to be unique, you need to decorate it using special ornaments. You can ask the help of a professional interior decorator, but this surely means spending a lot of money. I think that you should simply u... Read More

How to Decorate A Contemporary Home With Wall Art and Decor

Some people think that it is enough to paint a home so as to feel comfortable and present it with an amazing look. However, a home is not complete without a remarkable and high quality decoration attached to it. The world has witnessed an ever increase in the provision of decoration services. Howeve... Read More

Canvas Wall Art for A Modern Home

One thing that is vital in improving the general outlook of a home other than the painting on the wall is the décor and the beauty of the wall art. Based on this account a home without décor is not complete. Decorations improve the image of the home and increase the feel of comfort and relaxation. T... Read More