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Avoid Bad Tenants with Online Property Management Software

Do you want to know how a property management software package can help landlords deal with problem tenants? Have a look at vital features of the software: 1.                   Accurate Tenant Screenin... Read More

Cloud Based Property Management Software for Simplified Property Management Practices

Cloud technology has revolutionised business processes and data management practices. Like most industries, the property industry has not been slow in utilising such innovative software and technologies.  Property management software is just one of many packages that can make a landlord... Read More

Here’s How Property Management Software Is Changing The World

There was once a time when all real estate business was done via face to face meetings – you would contact an estate agent, who would tell you about the possible houses that you could look at. They would then take you to these houses and allow you to walk around to look at them, and then finally you... Read More

Make Your Property Business Easier With The Property Management Software

Real estate or property business is a big growing industry now. It has been booming faster since last few years. The growing needs of people, the demand, the spending capacity and the neckline competition has made it a lot interesting industry all over the world. Now it has been made even more inter... Read More

Online tenant property management software: How it Works?

A single property can’t be managed by landlords because of several activities and tasks include running a property efficiently. What if a landlord has numbers of properties to manage? Their hire project managers, but hiring managers is not feasible for a mid-level of property owner. Property managem... Read More

What Landlords property management software can do for Landlords and Tenants?

This is the technology era and everyone is dependent on it for every kind of workload. The technology has been entered in homes also for handling day-to-day tasks, then how can the business industry be unaffected from this era. It has specially captured the management field with several types of sof... Read More

Get Property Maintenance Software from the Right Vendor

Facilities Management is basically a comprehensive, web-based solution that brings together all operational activities into a single location from web-enabled devices.With its highly collaborative, intuitive calendar-based interface it allows facility managers to efficiently manage resources and exc... Read More

Building a Rental Property Portfolio

Anybody who has been doing business for a decade or more (or, for that matter, even less) will have watched with interest how rapidly the world of commerce has taken to the internet. One of the more vibrant of the newly online business areas is that of holiday rentals – and so you would expect. The ... Read More

Taking Advantage of the Golden Age of Private Holiday Rentals

It looks like there is a Golden Age on the horizon – namely, the golden age of private holiday rentals. The sector has seen a lot of activity as cost-conscious individuals and families planning holidays are increasingly seeking alternatives to the traditional options of hotels, Bed & Breakfasts ... Read More

Things to Consider When Choosing Holiday Rentals Software

The competitive world of property management has undergone some real changes over the last few years, especially with the advent of new technology. For many working in the industry this has meant a need to change the way they run their business and manage their portfolio of holiday rentals. One impo... Read More

Dealing With a Bad Review on Your Vacation Property

You hope it will never happen, but the chances are it will. After all your hard work and efforts to ensure your guests have a comfortable stay someone posts a review that slates your rental property. You might feel angry, hurt or humiliated. You're also likely to feel a degree of anxiety, this is af... Read More

Making Holiday Rentals Work

If you, like many other people, have bought a holiday property in the United Kingdom or abroad, you may like to consider renting it out as a self-catering holiday property for the long periods when it would otherwise be vacant. The capital returns you can get from this are the obvious advantage – bu... Read More

What to Look for in Your Vacation Rentals Software Package

Until recently, if you wanted to use the internet to promote your holiday rentals it was all rather a slog.First you needed to design the website. No problem at all if you happened to have high level web design skills, but if not, the choice lay between rather generic templates not designed with you... Read More

The Online Economy & Holiday Rentals

The online economy is growing at a hare's pace, and it is changing the way people are doing business across a range of sectors. This is perhaps nowhere more true than in the tourism industry – specifically, in the hospitality industry. Whereas once, holiday bookings required either personal contacts... Read More

Tempting People To Book Your Rental Property - What You Should Know and Write

When you decide to go online to advertise your holiday rentals you're not just making a good choice, you're making the best possible choice. Research from 2012 shows that as many as 8 out of 10 people book their holidays over the internet and by the time you read this article the number could be hig... Read More

The Responsibilities of Rental Property Management

A company that handles rental management is one that takes the responsibility of looking after a property for the owner, whether it is commercial or residential. An agent who works for the company serves as a liaison or middleman between the owner and the tenant. Landlords find it useful to hire the... Read More

How to Manage Your Rental Property and Calendar

Anyone who ever tried to manage a calendar for short term rental bookings in the bad old, pre-computer days, will remember the horror of it all. Wall charts, either home designed for the purpose, or bought ready made, white boards, maybe a separate diary for every property (horribly expensive, and a... Read More

Renting vs Buying

Millions of people aren't planning on buying homes any time soon. Most of them aren't even considering it as an option for a variety of different reasons. This is a demographic known as the “perma-renter” and it’s a group that is growing in number every day. There are many reasons ... Read More

Vivaresa - Professional Property and Vacation Rental Management

If you are looking for ways to optimize and ease the management of your vacation property hiring an expensive property management company is not your only option. Have you heard of property management systems (PMS)? These are online based interfaces that help you administrate every aspect of your va... Read More

Real Estate Classified Software

Real estate classified software helps people keep track of the latest deals available in property listings. Property management software continues to grow in importance and popularity. With the help of property management software, smaller companies can employ functions as efficiently as tho... Read More

Property Sell, Buy and Rent Software

Real estate agents and property managers can make use of top quality buy sell rent real estate property management software in order to help them run their business smoothly and effectively. This software can be utilized by: Residential leasing agents Residential estate agents Commercial esta... Read More

5 Things to Consider When Purchasing Property Management Software

Managing properties is not an easy task and being a property manager is not a joke. For most of the time, you need to be on your toes to make sure everything is organized and properly noted.  One thing that all property managers should consider is having property management software as a ... Read More

Rentals Vs. Ownerships: Which Industry Is In Boom?

Despite the booming signs, the real-estate industry has not recuperated yet; at least not in a healthy manner. The value of real-estate properties has remained low but surprisingly, there are not buyers expressing the willingness to purchase. But, just like all things in this world, if there is a st... Read More

Manual Monitoring vs Management Software on Property Management

Checking lands and buying good-for-investment properties needs a great deal of good skills.But owning them does not end the process. There would be more work required in managing them. And a gigantic work when it comes to managing a hundred more. Never let mismanaged properties keep you from continu... Read More