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Android and its Technology

Method for mobile devices such as tablets and tablet computersAndroid was developed from the Open HandsetThe initial plan of this Android-x86 job was to create patchesThey afterwardsFound They could do more than simply create patches for x86Service; they could allow Android operating system jav... Read More

Introduction and Features of Android

There areUnconfirmed reports of additional several other Android phones thisWould make sense for them to be pre-loaded with Cupcake too.Features of Android operating system Support for third-party Digital keyboards with text forecastAnd consumer dictionary to get custom words Support for Widgets -... Read More

Tilting Ants and Bugs Squash - Best Arcade Game For Android

Free Arcade Game for Android that uses the device accelerometer to control the ball, The aim of the player is to squash as many Ants and Bugs as possible ,keeping away from falling into holes.This is the ultimate ants and bugs buster game. Immerse yourself into the an insects world and and free... Read More

Kotlin 1.1.2 version Features

Previously we discuss some disadvantage of Kotlin and what bugs resolved in Kotlin 1.1.2 version.New Standard Library API in Kotlin 1.1.2 versionHere we introduce new functions and classes that are going to be published in Kotlin 1.1.2 version.takeIf() and also()These are two general-purpo... Read More

How to Keep Your Android Smartphone Secure In 9 Steps

Hackers and thieves have definitely stepped up their game which is why you can never compromise on security when it comes to your smartphones. Such devices are portals to your online identity and you simply cannot risk other people – strangers, no less – to have access to such information. In the ev... Read More

How to make your photography memorable with Auto stamper for Photo

Today, everyone has a high-megapixel smartphone camera in their pocket. That said, how good is a smartphone camera without the proper apps to make the most of your photos? While the camera app on any Android-based smartphone provides an easy way to snap and save pictures.   Photograph... Read More

Agile and Robust Android Application Development Company

Google Android operating system is preferred by most of the Smartphone users because of its under friendly, and intuitive nature. At AppSquadz Technologies, our top Android application developers make most of this platform because of it’s highly customizability, with seemingly infinite potential... Read More

Factors that will mold Android App Development in 2017

Android, the child of Google, always has small or big updates to jiggle the industry. Get to know here about the factors likely to affect the Android App Development industry this year.Cloud-Based Android App DevelopmentI am excited while writing on this point. The reason? Well, cloud finally got th... Read More

Is It Right to Chose Android App Development As Your Career

At present, Android App development is considered the most preferred career option that most young people are pursuing. This is mainly because of the fact that most of the people are using Android devices. As a result, Android Application Development has become more demanding in the IT. Many of ... Read More

Basics of Android and iOS Application Testing

Since last few years, the users have broadened their reach from PC's to mobiles and this has given birth to mobile applications. This in turn has made mobile application testing a very essential part. Android and iOS application have made the way for the mobile genre. They stores remarkable ... Read More

Android Tab Apps Development Company: Time to Switch to Device Specific Apps

One size fits all is not the right solution all the time and in all areas of business. If you want your business to have an edge and get ahead of the competition, you need to step out and think about the way that aims at meet a need in the best manner of all. And building device specific app... Read More

Hire Dedicated Android Developer: Developers with the Right Acumen

If you are looking to outsource your mobile app project to a third party development company, think of dedicated developers. Hiring dedicated android developers for a mobile app project is fast getting momentum in the business world. It provides a plethora of advantages over outsourcing and ... Read More

Why do we play video games?

More than 72 percents of USA households play video games. The average age of a player is 35, as we all know it is not only for kids.42 percents of players are females. According to the survey by Entertainment Software Association.Why do we play video games..? Possibly there you get another chan... Read More

Easy To Use Real Estate mobile app template

 Easy To Use Real Estate mobile app template  Over the last few months, we have received many emails to start developing starting template apps which businesses can use.   After some discussions, we decided to do that. Our very first app template app is aimed at Real ... Read More

Provide Your Iphone An Android Look Utilizing Iandros

Press Release, 27th January 2017: Apple's iPhone is very closely related to iOS, Apple's mobile software application that lets users trade iMessages, break Live Photos, as well as run over a million apps produced the platform. Apple might quite possibly provide its mobile phone with the An... Read More

Security Features in Android Smartphones

If there is one device that most adults have with them at all times, it is their phones. Smartphones have become a basic necessity of modern living. They are used for much more than making or receiving phone calls or texting. People use them to carry out various day to day tasks. Smartphones hav... Read More

Best Free Wi-Fi Calling App for Android in 2017

We all use android phones for better and improved experiences because they are not only fun to use but offers some amazing benefits that make apps even more interesting. All the devices are made to assist and entertain a user. Allowing calls through apps is just one of its many features. Thanks ... Read More

Recognize the real potential of your business with android app development

There are a lot of reasons why businesses are resorting to having a mobile app besides a mobile website. Android apps, in particular, can help businesses understand the real potential. Android apps are efficient marketing tools. The use of smartphones has seen a steep growth in the recent&... Read More

Images that can be stamped with Date and Time, signature and location with Auto Stamper for Photo

Mobile photography is the most favorable choice of the people now a days. Occasion may be any say marriage, meeting, festival images are captured as a part of memories to be reviewed in future. In today’s trend of selfie, people are so innovative that they snap images in most amazing and differe... Read More

Getting iTunes M4V onto Android Tablet/Phone

Your iTunes collection is perhaps a vast, lumbering collection of tracks that might go back to your first iPod or a compact selection of favorites. Either way, you may be want those iTunes music and video files on your Android smartphone or tablet. -----Hot Search: Extend iTunes Rental Tim... Read More

Nokia's new Android smartphone coming soon

At the start of the year, around February 2016, there were some reports about Nokia prepping for a major comeback in the smartphone field. Yes, Nokia, which was once the world’s leading mobile phone company, is coming back in the game. In order to make the comeback, it seems Nokia is also taking ... Read More

How to Install iOS 10 on your iPhone/iPad?

09/13… Save the date! Yes, the wait has finally come to an end as the all new iOS 10 will be now available for download to make your iPhone experience faster & more amazing than ever (and that too free of cost!). You can easily upgrade your iPhone to the latest version of the software ... Read More

How to Keep Your Android Performing Fast: 5 Tips

The dilemma of switching to new smartphone from your old sluggish android device can be proved expensive. Hence better idea is to spend some time to bring the glory back to your device. Your device runs slow due to various reasons which include excess data or apps on your device, technical or some o... Read More

Top 10 Tips to Boost up Speed of Android Phone

Technological advancements have made the hardware of smartphone's more capable by the time. Still, the need of better performing software always remains there. For fast and seamless user experience optimization of both hardware and software is always required.  This optimization is more tangibl... Read More

Mobile Photography - new imagination in phtotography

Mobile photography has made their own particular notoriety in this show of youthful kind. As of late the La Mobile workmanship celebration brings 200 portable picture takers. Portable photography makes explanation on global level, i.e. Road picture taker, documentarist, style photographic artist... Read More

Straightforward Tips On Choosing Details In Imo App

But still people had nothing better for you to do dumbbell than not more talking set one's group. The thing can be the human favourite Satellite television show? The change closing update is actually definitely messed up, but subterranean should they not remedy it in the future enough, there's nothi... Read More

My4Faces Apps Announces the Launch and Release of Their New App – ‘My4Faces Tropical Adventure’

Media Contact:MY4FACES APPS Name:  Nathaniel Baker                Position: Founder    Location: CaliforniaTel:  901-351-0933 Email: URL: My4Faces Apps Announces the Launc... Read More

Is Google working on a completely new OS?

According to the latest buzz, it seems Google is working on a new, lightweight operating system called Fuchsia. Currently, all operating systems (like Android and ChromeOS) developed by Google have used the Linux kernel, which is traditionally a desktop kernel. Operating systems based on a deskt... Read More

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Virtual Navigation Buttons from UX Perspective

We are still not sure what to choose between virtual and physical buttons but as the debate over virtual buttons is getting more intensified, we have to face the question with a renewed focus. Google effort in convincing us that the buttons should be part of the screen has been criticized by many bu... Read More

The Much-awaited Face-off between Apple & Android: iOs10 vs Android N

Apple and Google have released the beta versions of iOS 10 and Android Nougat respectively, revealing what the new upgrades would include for both the user and the developer. Both OS updates will go live sometime in the latter half of 2016, approximately at the same time as the release of the hardwa... Read More

How to export android contacts?

Want to copy android contacts to pc avoid losing them accidently? Puzzled in how to transfer contacts from android to pc? Well, now I'll guide you how to export android contacts from android phone to computer with iPubsoft Android Manager.Step 1:Connect Android Phone to pcThe first thing you need to... Read More

Best Seller Award from Amazon External Docking Station Dual Monitor

Universal docking station is a device used for multitasking that is used to connect all the peripheral devices on a single station. The product is invented to make our life easy by discarding the web of wires that we use to face every time we work on our PCs. The device is blessing for many people w... Read More

How to view android text messages on computer?

To keep android phone text messages stored longer, or make backups for them, or fulfill some other demands, people may want to read text messages on their computers. But reading SMS messages is quite different from viewing things stored in a storage card used by the cellphone. So many people get los... Read More

Top Android Geeky News

Showing posts with label Android News. Show all postsAndroid News Out of BoxRun Android In Iphone Using Tendigi21:50Nick Lee, CTO at Tendigi had developed a superb case for having android on Apple’s iPhone. He’s kno...Android News Out of BoxTop 5 Gmail/Inbox Features on Android21... Read More

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S4 No Signal

While Samsung has made users satisfied by the unique features of their Galaxy S4, it is important to mention that this handset is not flawless and users have already encountered several issues with it. No signal is one of the most common ones.Problems such as not registered on network... Read More

Image Upload using Retrofit

We are assuming you are already familiar with Retrofit. If not then first go to this. We have used multipart request for uploading image on server using Retrofit.Following are the simple and easy steps for image uploading using Retrofit:-Step 1: Add required dependency in your module level gradle fi... Read More

How to print out android text messages?

Do you think you can print out text messages from android phone? The answer is yes, to print out android phone messages on computer, you need to move them to computer at first, then you can print them out as you like. And we can use Coolmuster  Android Assistant to move android phone messages t... Read More

How to print out android text messages?

Do you think you can print out text messages from android phone? The answer is yes, to print out android phone messages on computer, you need to move them to computer at first, then you can print them out as you like. And we can use Coolmuster  Android Assistant to move android phone messages t... Read More

Mobile Photography - Revolution in Modern Era

In this new cutting edge period and era, these cell phones are made more consideration from the people groups in term of photography. Individuals indicate more enthusiasm for portable photography looks at to advanced photography and explanation for this is versatile photography is so natural and... Read More

How to view android phone text messages on computer?

To keep android phone text messages stored longer, or make backups for them, or fulfill some other demands, people may want to read text messages on their computers. But reading SMS messages is quite different from viewing things stored in a storage card used by the cellphone. So many people get los... Read More

Is This Really possible to get a Smartphone only at RS 888

Most Trending tech news flashing on every channel or paper is Docoss X1 at Rs 888. Multiple question arise in ever body my mind that is this fraud or what? But Jaipur based company make this impossible thing possible. They provide the cheapest smart phone ever with fully android phone feature. A... Read More

How to transfer android phone sms to computer?

Well, as we know that the memory of your Android phone where all text messages are stored is always limited. If the capacity of the inbox of your Android phone reached a certain degree, you cannot receive new messages any more unless you delete some old ones. However, many messages are so important ... Read More

Mobile Network Not Available - Issue Resolved

It is obviously a grim situation for you when you face “Mobile Network Not Available” issue while trying to call your mates time and again. It is quite frustrating and you can’t help going out of it. Luckily! There are some handy solutions to fix this error. Most probably, you face this error while ... Read More

Android dan Game android polemic in My Country

Online gaming is now the warm attention of Internet users in Indonesia. Namely the base, support government agencies namely the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) on the idea of ​​blocking online games that contain violence.Support was controversial and polemic. There is nothing to critic... Read More

6 Android App Development Trends of 2016

Today in this technologically advanced scenario, the app development industry is growing by leaps and bounds. The majority of People are increasingly using their mobile devices in order to surf the net, the android app development has received a lot of attention of the common masses. The app develop... Read More

How to transfer android phone files to computer?

As smartphone saves more and more private information for phone users,  it is easy to understand that why we need to copy our personal data on  somewhere eles to keep it from being lost forever. An android file  manager could backup android phone data to computer with ease, try  ... Read More

How to restore lost android phone text messages?

Lost text messages or your contacts list could be a disaster for some people. No one will deny the importance of the SMS and Contacts on your mobile phones. So once the disaster have happened, you'd better to look for a way to reduce your losses. Thus, Coolmuster Android SMS Recovery could be an ide... Read More

How to Measure the Popularity of your Android App?

Mobile apps are a comparatively new concept and a section of your client base may still prefer using mobile responsive website. You are afraid that, if you suddenly switch over to apps, your business may lose its esteemed clientele. A firm offering effective Android app development services can assi... Read More

Google Android and The Trends Enveloping The Platform

Many tablets and smart phones are powered by Android and the demand for them is rising rapidly. Android is one of the more popular platforms for all companies dealing with mobile development. They are engaged in a number of Android application developments codes and projects. Most often software dev... Read More

Blogging Services: Great Way to Earn Revenue and Marketing Business Online

For Immediate Release:   Blogging, March 15, 2015: Making a website to do business or to promote business is a great way or you can say one of the best marketing ways available currently. But, if you are unable to deal with the costing, effort, maintenance and time consuming elemen... Read More