Best Way to Clean Cast Iron Grill Pan

by David Brown Automobile Engineer

With the grill pans, you can get the exciting taste of outdoor-made marks without having to set up one outside. However, it is necessary to ensure that the grill pan is cleaned properly to prolong its lifespan especially if it is made of cast iron.

To obtain the optimum result from your cast iron grill pan, it is advisable you wash it with a mixture of hot water and common salt and use dishwashing liquid on the non-stick grill plates.

Here are the steps explained in more significant details:

  • Dispose of any excess grease

While the grease is yet to be cold, decant it into another bowl or simply pour it away. Never pot into your drain as it can block it up. By disposing of the grease first, cleaning the cast iron grill gets easier for you. It could even be as simple as using a paper towel to wipe the pan down while you mind your finger.

  • Use water and Salt

Mix water and salt to form a paste and use it to clean all the pan with a scrubber brush. If you can, get Kosher salt and make sure it spreads to all parts of the pan before scrubbing.

  • Wash the pan down

Use a soft brush to scrub the pan with the salt mixture. This mixture will remove any big clumps of oils or food bits. It might be necessary to use more salts should your pan to be stained with the considerable amount of dirt. You can wash away the salt and start the process again.

  • Rinse with water and allow to dry

After a thorough washing of the cast iron grill with salt and hot water, rinse the salt out with water and use your brush to remove stubborn bits. Air-dry the pan or use moderate heat on a stove until it is thoroughly dried. This process prevents rusting of the iron grill pan.

  • Restore the seasoning

Seasoning refers to the thick sheet of oils on the cast iron pans that prevent it from sticking to the pan. Immediately the pan is dry, rub some cooking oil on the pan to restore the seasoning and take away any excess oil.

How Do You Prolong the Life Span of the Cast Iron Grill Pan?

  • Don’t use metal utensils on the pan

Metal utensils like spoons and forks can scratch the surface of your pan. Rather than using metal, you can try a plastic, wood or other soft objects on the grill pans so that the coating does not corrode easily.

  • Do not use steel brushes

When washing the cast iron grill pans, it is very likely that you’ll want to reach for a steel sponge to give a deep it wash. Nevertheless, while washing with steel wool will clean your grill pan, it will as well damage the layer of coating on it. As such, it is only advisable to use nylon scrubbers.

Cast iron grill pans are the choice of most grill lovers merely because they don’t allow chemicals to percolate into food and can be non-stick if adequately cared for. However, cleaning them requires specialized knowledge, especially if the coatings on their surfaces will not be damaged. That’s the crux of this article.

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