Best 5 Garden Plants to Cover the Boundary and Hedges

by Kundan Kumar A Marketing Executive by Job and Blogger by Hobby

The idea of guarding and defending the boundaries of one’s property is perhaps as old as mankind itself. In order to ensure strong defense, the convention has always been to guard using either concrete or iron. However, an idea with a slightly different approach to guarding of boundaries has cropped up in the recent past. The idea, as beautiful as it is, is equally worth applauding and the idea is to use decorative plants and shrubs to demarcate boundaries. All nature lovers out there are sure to appreciate the idea and many might even consider implementing it in their houses.

Irrespective of whether you happen to be a nature lover or not, if you are contemplating planting a hedge to put a border around your property, this article might add something more to what you can do. This write-up aims to impart knowledge pertaining to such plants that could cover your boundaries and hedges. Besides, the plants mentioned herein also make for a great gift for your garden too especially for a creating a beautiful passage.

So, here are the top 5 plants that you could use to make or cover the boundary and hedges -

1.     Schefflera Variegated

The Schefflera Variegated has attractive foliage, with variegated green and yellow leaves. This plant is drought-tolerant and cannot sit in water. It, therefore, needs well-drained soil. It grows well in loamy soil however the same can be fine in most soil types with compost or peat moss added.

A dwarf version of the umbrella tree, it can peak up to 8 to 15 feet. Also, it can spread 6 to 8 feet and therefore it is advisable to space them at least 6 feet apart.

Golden Juniper

For those of you who love bright and colourful plants, the Golden Juniper is a perfect choice. It is an evergreen plant with golden-yellow foliage that is outstanding lacy. The special thing about this evergreen is that it not just retains its color, but the color deepens in winters and it is thus better than other gold-tipped varieties.

Capable of tolerating dry conditions when established,the Golden Juniper is the candidate for mass plantings along fence lines, foundations, driveways etc. For perennial borders, the Juniper can be used as a superb backgrounder. For locations that are tough and demanding, such as parkways, driveways or sidewalks, this plant is excellent for informal hedges.

Dwarf Date Palm

The dwarf date palm or pygmy date palm, as it is fondly called, is a truly exotic fruit plant that, as its name suggests, is compact and can fit anywhere.

Plush with small creamy flowers in the spring, the Dwarf Date Palm haserect green branches covered with slim and long leaves. The flowers quickly turn into very sweet dates.

This miniature date palm requires low maintenance and with its dark crimson skin popping out against the leaves, it acquires an exceptionally eye-catching look.Significant for signalling about the availability of fresh water to people living in deserts, Date Palms are one of the most significant garden plants in India as well.

Forsythia (Forsythia ‘Sunrise’)

The Forsythia bears bright yellow flowers and it is indicative of the end of winters. Credited of being among the earliest spring bloomers, it is deciduous that sheds its leaves in autumn.

It grows quite fast and is capable of withstanding moderate dry and hot weather. It can attain an almost equal height and girth of about 5 feet. It makes a dense natural hedgerow if left alone.

Weigela (Weigela Florida ‘Minuet’)

The Weigela is a dwarf deciduous shrub that bears dark purple-green leaves and pink trumpet-shaped flowers. It blooms several times during the growing season. With a maximum height of around 3 feet and width of about 5, it is ideal for smaller yards. Capable of surviving dry spells and severe cold, it returns in its full glory each spring. Weigela has been a long popular garden plant due to their perfect contrast of yellow-green leaves & pink flowers, bringing so much life to your garden. 

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