Benefits of Using EMF Protection Bracelets & The Positivity of Negative Ions

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My wife and I had recently gone to an anniversary party of my friend. Jenny all of sudden, complained “Lovey! I feel dizzy!” and had been feeling pretty nauseated. We came back home but if any of you are feeling the same, it could be due to the lack of negative ions. 

Yep! You’ve heard me right! Negative! It’s an old saying “Judge ye not the book by its cover”. The word, “Negative” has nothing to do with the positive effects of negative ions. Related to these ions, let’s talk about EMF Protection Bracelets.

Negative ions are unscented, unsavory, and invisible molecules which we breathe in, in large quantity in certain natural environments. If you travel to places such as mountains or waterfalls or even to beaches, you inhale these beneficial ions. Once these ions reach your bloodstream, they are said to produce biochemical reactions which help in increasing the levels of your mood chemical serotonin. 

This helps you to alleviate much of your depression if you suffer from it and then relieve stress, and finally enhance your energy. Moreover, Negative ions are basically oxygen atoms that are charged with one additional electron; and are made through the working of water, sunlight, innate radiation of the earth as well as air.

Having defined what Negative Ions are, let us briefly see how these little guys help you out’ namely, when present in excessive amount, they purge the air that surrounding you by undoing the evil impacts of cigarette smoke, viruses, harmful bacteria, harmful airborne diseases and more. Sadly enough, we do not much of the ions behind closed doors, especially during work or if you are at home. Let us now talk about negative ionizers such as emf radiation protection bracelet.

These bracelets are made of Tourmaline that is found in the form of powder which are present I these bracelets, and which helps in the production of negative ions. For those of us living in the city, we are living in the ‘positive ions prison’ that are harmful to health and that is where negative ionizers such as, this emf protection device come in handy.

To conclude, if you’re looking to buy a magnetic bracelet online, do not forget to check out on the Vortex Bioshield website. 

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