Benefits of outsourcing IT Security

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The increase in cyber attacks since the onset of the Covid 19 outbreak is staggering. Some security firms are reporting a 30,000% increase in scams that are capitalising on the current global emergency. The scams are not only targeting PC or tablet users but are also circulating on mobile messaging apps and by text message. So all devices are vulnerable. Video conferencing solutions are also being targeted as the increase in the number of users has been dramatic with the shift in huge numbers of people working from home.

No business is immune from these attempts. Phishing emails are being sent to businesses of all sizes from the small to the multinational. Never before has IT security been more critical. The outbreak of a global pandemic and hundreds of thousands of businesses moving their entire staff to a remote working model presents the ideal conditions for cybercriminals to get to work.

For many businesses outsourcing their IT Security can help address current cyber risk concerns.

The following outlines why outsourcing security to an experienced Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) makes sense.

1.       A wide range of expertise

MSSPs have specialist expertise in cybersecurity and data protection. The cyber threat is a continually shifting landscape and most businesses lack the experience in-house to stay on top of evolving threats. With IT resources internally already stretched thin most companies lack the bandwidth to perform essential ongoing security checks such as penetration testing, anti-DDoS application, log monitoring, disaster recovery, and IT security awareness training. Handing this over to an experienced MSP ensures the company's security is not compromised through to a lack of resources or time.

2.       Ongoing Monitoring

An important aspect of robust IT Security is the consistent monitoring of systems even when the business isn’t technically open. An intruder detected at 8 p.m. that goes unnoticed until the office opens at 9 a.m. can be disastrous. An IT security services provider helps address such gaps in timing with ongoing monitoring solutions that send alerts on any suspicious activity, so the risk is mitigated promptly.

3.       Flexible partnering

A good MSSP will have a range of IT Security services that cover system and data Security requirements end to end. However, if you already have some IT Security in place they can run an analysis of what you currently have identifying the gaps that they can then fill. This provides a cost-effective solution that can augment your current IT setup with any missing critical components.

4.       Disaster Recovery Planning

Every business needs to be prepared for the unexpected, from a power loss to a flood or fire or a cyber breach, any eventuality that could lead to significant data loss and downtime which could damage their brand and reputation. A business can leverage its partnership with an MSSP to create a Disaster Recovery Plan that will keep their IT systems running smoothly and efficiently in the event of catastrophic failure. A trusted MSSP will work with a client to understand their dependencies and create a tried and tested plan to ensure business continuity.


5.       Cost Savings

Supporting an in-house security team is costly, equally not investing in security can also be costly if you suffer a breach. Considering that many smaller businesses never recover from a breach, not investing in security can cost you your entire business.

For many smaller organisations, the cost savings isn’t a simple reduction on the IT expense line, but rather the ability to source the kinds of functionality they should have had all along but haven’t been able to fit into the budget.

It’s crucial to ask the right questions when deciding which IT company to work with. Limiting yourself to asking who can implement predetermined solutions for the cheapest cost could prove detrimental to your business.

·         Finding the best option means asking meaningful questions like:

·         How proactive is the company in identifying new threats and proposing new solutions?

·         What level of support is in place if something goes wrong?

·         How many resources is the company investing in researching new technology and solutions?

·         Does the company offer regular strategic consultations and long-term IT planning?

·         How does the company identify and prevent risks?

·         What do their existing customers say about the company?


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