Benefits of Having Portable Fire Extinguisher in the Workplace

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It is hard to imagine a fire protection strategy without the provision of using a portable fire extinguisher. It is one of the necessities that a business should have to ensure the safety of workers.  Therefore, it becomes the fundamental duty of entrepreneurs to keep the facility of well-maintained and routinely inspected fire extinguisher, which in the time of crisis will spell the difference between life and death.  Likewise, it is important to have comprehensive knowledge on the modalities through which these devices operate. A practical experience or training is desirable in this regard.

When faced with an impending crisis such as a fire outbreak, decisions taken on the spot will determine the resulting consequences.  When fire breaks out, the presence of a hand held or portable fire extinguisher can be a lifesaver as it can subdue raging flames and keep it under check until the experts arrive. This is only possible when employees have the knowledge and training of using fire extinguishers.  Moreover, unless properly maintained even the best fire extinguishing equipment may put you down. Repeatedly it has been found that fire-extinguishing equipment has failed to deliver the goods if its maintenance was at fault due to human negligence.

Similar to handling of critical equipment there are some protocols that has to be adhered while using a portable fire extinguisher. First of all one should prefer to use it only when the fire is restricted to a small area and not growing.  Safe evacuation is the top priority irrespective of the fire outbreak’s nature. Thus, if the fire has grown in proportions to engulf the whole room with toxic smokes just get out and be safe.  When it comes to using a portable extinguisher, teach everyone to remember the word PASS.  This is easy to remember acronym that can provide a comprehendible explanation for using a portable extinguisher. The acronym PASS is illustrated under the following headings

  • .       Pull the pin
  • .       Aim low
  • .       Squeeze the handle
  • .       Sweep from side to side.

While selecting the right kind of fire extinguisher one can take the help of a certified professional. They can help you to install the right kind of fire extinguisher for your business and work environs.  Depending on the nature of fire and the forces that resulted in its outbreak the choice of extinguisher has to be specific. Further, it becomes a mandate to contract a certified professional for annual maintenance and testing of fire extinguishers that has been installed.

Further, you need to make sure that the extinguishers are hung in the right spots that are vulnerable to fire outbreak.  They should be kept clean and undamaged. You can take the assistance of a professional for ascertaining the number of fire extinguishers needed.  Well, this is only a part of the whole process. According to the requirement of your business and square footage, it might be necessary to install a fire suppression system and provide training on its operation. You need to remember that it becomes important to train your employees on how and when to use a fire extinguisher for desired outcomes.

Presence of a portable fire extinguisher is a necessity for commercial and residential buildings alike. A simple fire extinguisher is well capable of initiating quick and prompt action and minors and senior citizens can effectively use it alike. One can go one-step forward and consider the installation of APFE i.e. Automatic Portable Fire Extinguisher. This system comes with a liquid filled glass bulb that bursts in response to high temperatures typically 155F. Chemical agents present in this system can be released in gaseous form, which makes it ideal for

  •            Hazardous materials storage facilities
  • ·         Mass transit systems
  • ·         Data centers and server rooms
  • ·         The pharmaceutical industry

While loss of property can be tolerated safety of loved ones cannot be compromised. Hand held fire extinguishers are one of the simplest of firefighting equipment that requires minimum maintenance and it can eliminate a fire at initial stages of outbreak.  Even if the fire does not break out in unforeseen circumstances a fire extinguisher will ensure that it does not goes out of control.

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