Benefits of choosing Laravel Framework for Web App Development

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● Resource Controller Routes


● These are controllers that expose the most common actions that you might want to take against a resource, which typically corresponds to a database table.

● These controllers have corresponding routes that match these common actions.

● Those common actions are in programmer parlance typically called crud or bread. The ability to index or browse the record, Create or add a single record, read a single record, Update or edit a single record and finally to delete a single record.

● Homestead


● The laravel provides a homestead.

● Homestead is going to require the installation of some software that we can find on the web.

● Homestead requires the installation of a vagrant, which can be found at

● Vagrant, which is free and available for any platform, gives us the ability to install virtual environments for our development users.

● This is Laravel's tool to provide us a common development platform, not worrying about having different PHP versions or ensuring that you have some piece of specific database software installed.

● Homestead doesn’t enable us to deploy our application to the web, but it does make it easy for us to develop our applications locally before deployment.

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● Simple Authentication


● Laravel ships with a pre-built authentication system that we can use right away.

● We’ll start our homestead and our vagrant project, first with running vagrant up and then directory where our project lives.

● After our vagrant box is booted, we can run the command vagrant ssh to log into the vagrant box.

● And now we’ll want to change into the code directory where our code for our laravel project actually lives.

● We’re now at the root of our project.

● Laravel ships with the command line interface.


● Routing


● Routing is the core part of any Laravel application.

● Route model binding is the ability for us to further specify a route parameter.

● Middleware is a catch all tool in laravel and most PHP applications and frameworks, where we can build logic independent of our core laravel application that processes requests and responses.

● This middleware enables us to make determinations on each of those requests and responses and then to perform actions.

● Swift Mailer to Symphony Trailer

● In laravel 9 is the transition from swift mailer to symphony trailer.

● Well swift mailer is no longer maintained as of december 2021.

● Laravel has been relying on it for all its mail sending capabilities.

● Mainly you will need to replace some of your application dependencies to be able to send mail.

● Also some of the methods have been renamed, most of these methods are low level methods.

● Which used to interact with symfony mailer and previously swift mailer.

● Artisan cli

● It’s better to use psr-2 and psr-4 coding standards.

● Laravel has its own Artisan cli or command line interface that uses the much accepted symfony console component as the base.

● Web development is far easier on the platform.

● If you are looking for an efficient web development process.

● Artisan cli is the best choice. Since, It will affect the entire process positively using the plug-ins.

● If you are using plug-ins in a large number for the laravel web Development.

● Eliminate each one that is no longer needed for the process; the plug-ins can be disabled when those are not required. 

● Collision

 Back in April, Laravel 8.37 came with anonymous migration support.

● Which solves an issue when migration classes name collision.

● The problem happens when many migrations have the same class name. Then You try to migrate the database from scratch.

● The solution was to use anonymous classes instead of named classes.

● In Laravel 9 the migration stops now using anonymous classes by default.

● When you run php and make migration the class created will be an anonymous class.

● Now you can create migrations without worrying about collisions with older migrations with the same name.

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● It's quick and simple.

● Security is key.

● Better website performance.

● Great for Traffic-Handling.

● Really Flexible.

● Easy third-party integrations.

● Simple Website Maintenance.

● The cost of a Laravel Site.

● Laravel is a brilliant choice for both developers and companies worldwide.

● Development costs are further reduced as the time to build and maintain is less than some competing frameworks, allowing a Laravel project to be more cost effective in the long run.

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