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Nowadays, Begum (Wife) is always in the complaining mode about the degrading physical beauty on the stairs of age.

 Last night after supper I was reading the papers that I want to present next day seminar; and relevancy I was surprised at is that the paper was also titled as “Does Beauty depends on cosmetics?

I tried to console her with my illogical sympathy that it is not aging but the pollution around is solely responsible for the degrading physical beauty. Unfortunately, I was intertwined in my own statement because begum was a gold medallist before 37 years. So she started twitting “oh that means you also accepted that “I’m no more beautiful in your eyes, as I feel”. I nodded involuntarily which I was surprised at and counter-statement was exchanged for a couple of minutes maybe hours and she made me convinced that “Beauty’ though ends; but not for “Miami” (Husband) who must say “Beauty is never-ending and especially of her better half, but not for universe women. I laughed unconsciously.

Lastly, she won the battle and convinced me with the argument that outer or physical beauty only, inspires the beauty of inner-self.  Still, mental makeup can only come if you follow the age-old sayings that ‘love at first sight” is truth; because of the physical appearance of any creature influence most at first sight.

That evening I couldn’t get the tang of the cup I sipped after a while even if it was smoky due to its warmth. Haa….haa.., because the ‘panga’ (hassle) I took with my better-half.

In fact, she was interested to avail the services of newly opened Beauty Spa cum boutique services in the neighborhood; popular as A2Z Creative Care and has many lucrative offer for its senior beauties.

This particular culture put me in confusion whether beauty lies in cosmetics or cosmetics need the support of beauty? How beauty is professed and what beauty is distinct as is a very controversial topic. Beauty is a reflection of one’s culture and insights. However, one’s idea of beauty may become twisted.

“Things are what girls are supposed to do to be considered attractive. Why do you need to have your nails look nice to be attractive? That doesn't even make sense. I obviously have been affected by this beauty myth that Naomi Wolf talks about in her article. I agree with her when she talks about how beauty standards just keep getting worse and worse for women. Every decade there are so many more things shown in advertisements that women should do to look younger and more beautiful.”

Beauty is defined as “the quality of being physically attractive or the qualities in a person or a thing that give pleasure to the senses or the mind” (Merriam-Webster dictionary, 2014, para. 1). Heine (2012) has found that beauty and attractiveness can vary across cultures. Although, there are specific features of a person that seem to be considered beautiful and attractive across all culture spectrums. But I can’t reject my begum’s argument that inner-beauty is no doubt matters for a union, but the importance of external beauty matters most to get to be known to one’s inner-self. The latter is the solution to clear the confusion about one's entity.

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