Atheists Do Celebrate Christmas by Speaking for the Rights

by zyla courtney i am a bloger

“Being an atheist doesn’t mean you cannot celebrate Christmas.”

Yes, this is the line that every wise atheist follows. According to them, celebrating Christmas is not at all freakish. Even though they don’t believe in the existence of Jesus, they surely grew in a principally Christian culture and Christmas vibes are all around them. Evidently, Christmas has later on been secularized just like the rest of the society.

Point to be noted, they have aimed to play some tacky pop-songs in place of the Christian hymns, and enjoy the fullest with their friends and families instead of going to the Church and worshipping Jesus for nothing. And when it comes to exchanging the gifts, they believe there is nothing constitutionally religious about it.

Instead of believing in Santa Clause, these atheists believe in their actions. So this time, they have taken an oath to speak for the rights and authority of the public instead of hiding the flaws of the society in the name of religion. So it definitely makes sense that they have made their own wish list in this Christmas and want the concerned administrations to check it out.

Sufficient Funds for Public Education

Strangely, there are enormous existing schools that support a particular religious community and defend creationism. Whereas, some other schools have strictly excluded the LGBT2+ families by unwelcoming them. These cannot be the right techniques to educate the innocent youngsters. This way their minds are being filled with some unscientific thoughts that have exactly no contribution in their future growth.

Therefore, it’s high time that we save our future kids by keeping public funds for educational purposes. The reason is these atheists believe there is no point in opposing science in education and providing some vague lessons with unnatural pieces of evidence.

For example – none is going to curse you if you seek help saying, “write my paper”, when you don’t have enough time to finish the work on your own. It’s okay if you take help in your academics instead of struggling on your own to prove yourself better. There is no such rule. So enhancing public education and protecting the LGBT2+ students can only be possible by donating sufficient funds to the public schools.

Preserving Choice in Public Health Care Centers

Do you know around $1 billion straightaway gets transferred to the religious health protection aptitudes in the province? Undoubtedly, they do some noble work for the society improvements. Sadly, some of the patients are getting excused from being operated for the life-threatening diseases and that is completely not acceptable.

So many patients forcefully get transferred to other hospitals to claim their legal authority, and in the meantime, they end up losing their lives. Time has come when the province should take one-step ahead towards safeguarding our health by bringing a transition in its heath protection system.

Constructing Recovery Options for Materialistic addicts

Surprisingly, during the opioid epidemic, a huge number of people are still forcefully being involved in the faith-based and disproven treatment programs. That is manifestly leading their lives towards darkness. The system is completely ruining the social existence of the mass by injecting addictive treatment elements inside their skin.

However, it’s time to ignore the religious coercion when it comes to the addiction recovery campaigns. So every single citizen, regardless of his/her religious choice, gets the right to access their facilities and get rid of the disproved addictions for seeing a better world.

Giving Legal Rights to the Humanist Marriages

A humanist marriage gives the authority to a person to marry anywhere, anytime, and by following any marriage type regardless of his/her religious preferences. Basically, atheists believe that when it comes to choosing our life-partners, we cannot put a checklist in front of them an expect them to reach up to our religious expectations. So it’s okay to choose how and whom we want to marry.

For example, when we buy essay online, we don’t look for a writer who belongs to our own religion instead of seeking someone who knows how to write. Same goes for marriage as well.

Similarly, if a couple has chosen to go for Christian, Hindu, or Muslim marriage in today’s date, there is nothing wrong in accepting it heartily. In fact, if someone is willing to choose a Scientologist marriage, that’s also fine. It’s a free world and according to the atheists, none has the right to take away our decision-making authorities.

Now they have left the choice in your hands. What do you think? Should we claim for the rights they want to be approved for us or we should keep ourselves indulged in the value religion beliefs? This Christmas, choose to speak up for yourself. 

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Rebeca Thomson Junior  Writer
This is an interesting post. It makes us think about the notions of religion and people in the world. As for me, it's a personal decision and no one should tell you where you can or cannot celebrate. By the way, if you need to develop this topic more and don't know how to do it correctly our team can help you without problems. All the necessary information you can find at
May 15th 2019 03:07   
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