Are You Suffering From Foot Or Back Problems? Get The Best Orthotics Abbotsford Today

by Hillcrest Physio Physiotherapy Clinic in Abbotsford

Orthopedic is a unique shoe or heel inserts available to you. The doctor can describe orthodontics to address foot, leg, or back problems. Orthopedics can be part of a comprehensive treatment plan to deal with different symptoms, usually with pain and disturbing the feet and legs. Some of the goals that doctors at Hillcrest physiotherapy clinic have for the treatment of the ACSIT include:

  • The correct foot abnormalities
  • It helps better or function
  • Provide ankle support
  • Reduce risk for more injuries


Orthopedic is more than just heel pad or shoe inserts you can buy from most sports stores. They are specially made shoe inserts that will relieve back and leg pains. At Hillcrest physiotherapy clinic, we only recommend orthotics Abbotsford if home exercise and other treatments do not show any effective results.


For what conditions are orthotics used


Orthotics can be prescribed at a doctor for treating many medical conditions like:-

  • Back pain. Sometimes awkward positioning of the feet, such as arches turning inward, or lack of pillows, can cause pain that orthotics can reduce. 
  • Bunions. Bunions are painful bumps that appear at the base of the big toe and can cause deformity of the foot. An orthosis with a wide toe box can help reduce pressure on the big toe.


  • Diabetes. Sometimes a person with diabetes may lose feeling in their legs, known as diabetic neuropathy. When this happens, orthotics can help reduce the extra stress and pressure that lead to foot ulcers.
  • Flat feet can cause pain in the legs, ankles, and back. The orthosis device supports the foot and helps to facilitate proper foot position.
  • Hammer finger. Hammertoe is a common side effect of big toe valgus. They cause pain in the second finger and deformity of the thumb. An orthosis provides additional support for the foot and reduces the chance of a hammertoe worsening.


Your doctor at Hillcrest physical therapy clinic may also prescribe a custom orthosis for people with foot or leg position problems. These may be people with underdeveloped leg and foot muscles.


Get the best joint replacement surgery in Abbotsford today


Arthroplasty, or in other words, joint replacement, is a surgical procedure in which a damaged joint is replaced with an artificial one (made of metal, ceramic, or plastic). Less often, they only replace the damaged part of the joint. The hips, knees, and shoulders are the joints they most commonly replace. By getting joint replacement surgery in Abbotsford, you can get rid of joint pain forever.


How is joint replacement surgery carried out, and what is the replacement joint?


The artificial joint (prosthesis) can be heavy metal, ceramic or plastic. The new joint looks and acts like a natural joint.

Surgeons can replace joints in any part of your body, but the most common types of arthroplasty are hip and knee replacements.


Most people who do this procedure need a complete joint replacement. Very few people are good candidates for minor joint replacements. This method replaces only the damaged part of the seal. Recovery time varies for joint replacement surgery. It depends on the age, lifestyle, type of surgery, and the joint replaced.

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