Are You Aware of All the Types of Diabetes?

by Vineet Kumar Singh Passionate Writer

Diabetes mellitus commonly known as Diabetes defined as the group of certain health conditions in which the body produces insufficient insulin or somehow develops resistant to it. The disease may involve both the conditions that ultimately raise the blood sugar level.

As we mentioned above diabetes are the group of diseases hence there must be several types. Most of the people in our country are unaware of all types and the situation is the same for both urban and rural areas. This is the main reason why diabetologist in Delhi advice their patients about various type of diabetes as it will lead to a better path of living and proper medications.

Type-1 Diabetes

It is recognized by a reduction in beta cells of pancreatic islets which produces insulin, which causes insulin deficiency in the body. It can further categorize as idiopathic or immune-mediated. In this type, the autoimmune initiated T-cell attack destroys the beta cells followed by insulin.  HLA genotypes are responsible for inheriting type-1 diabetes which may reflect due environment or diet. 

Type-2 Diabetes

It is a most common form of diabetes which caused by the development of insulin resistance. The suspected reason for this resistivity is still questionable. However several studies show the involvement of insulin receptors. The primary reasons for type-2 diabetes are obesity, unhealthy diet, stress, and physical inactivity.

Gestational Diabetes

It is a kind of type-2 diabetes which arises due to deficiency of insulin or its responsiveness. The problem appears 2-10% in case of pregnancy and resolved post delivery.  It can be cured completely by proper medical care during the pregnancy that may involve tracking the glucose level, diet, and external insulin. However, the problem may sound small but it effects are dangerous if let ignored. This diabetes can increase the risk of macro somiaandun developed skeletal muscle to the baby.


After knowing about every type of diabetes you find yourself more empowered by the knowledge and how you can reduce your chances of getting affected by them. People most of the times consider the rise in blood sugar level as diabetes but that’s not true. You may not know but diabetes specialist doctor in Noida and in big cities of Indian concluded that we are at a low risk of type-1 diabetes but the problem is high in case of type 2 which is due to obesity, unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, physical inactivity, stress and depression.

Hope, we are able to create awareness on this deadly disease as it's one of the arms in Devil's Triangle of "Obesity, Diabetes, and Hypertension”.

Dr. Sandeep Gupta

Director, Welltopia

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