An A to Z Guide: IUI Treatment cost in India

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Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a type of artificial insemination procedure in which sperm is injected into the uterus. The procedure can be used for many fertility problems. To know the IUI cost in India, visit the best fertility center.

In this procedure, the woman has prescribed fertility drugs and the ovulation cycle is monitored, a sperm sample from the partner or donor is washed and prepared for insemination. The timing of insemination is monitored and performed just before ovulation for the success of the procedure. Let’s know the IUI cost below.


Reasons for IUI

The procedure can be used for many types of fertility problems:

1.     A woman's immune system can reject sperm from her partner.

2.     Women with cervical problems - such as cervical scars, cervical blockage of endometriosis, or non-receptive cervical mucus. This procedure allows sperm to completely ignore the cervical mucus.

1.     In cases involving male infertility, when the sperm count is very low or when the sperm is not strong enough to swim in the cervix and in the fallopian tubes. To know the IUI treatment cost, visit the best fertility center.

2.     If a single woman or a lesbian couple wishes to have a biological child.

3.     A couple with a transgender person can also use donor sperm to get pregnant. Let’s know the IUI cost below.



Diagnostic tests for the IUI

For women-

1.     Hormonal studies

2.     Ultrasound

3.     Laparoscopy, HSG

For men-

1.     Semen analysis


Before the procedure-

1.     Before the intrauterine insemination procedure, a fertility specialist consults and examines the two partners.

2.     The couple is assessed for fertility, determining the motility, number and viability of male sperm and female ovulation, and whether the uterus can support pregnancy.

3.     Medications for ovulation are prescribed and monitored by ultrasound and/or blood tests. This monitoring helps your doctor determine the best time for sperm injection.

4.     If male infertility problems are suspected before the IUI, your partner will need a full male fertility assessment. During this assessment, a doctor will check the sperm for sperm count and motility.

5.     If the sperm count is low, the doctor may ask to give more than one sperm sample. Before giving a sperm sample advised abstinence from ejaculation for 2-3 days. This will maximize the number of sperm and help ensure that his sperm is healthy and mobile. Let’s know the IUI cost below.


During the procedure

The doctor will inject the sperm into the uterus at the optimal time for conception. IUI is performed just before ovulation.

1.     You will have to lie on the examination table.

2.     The doctor will insert a very small, thin and flexible catheter into your cervix.

3.     The washed semen sample is injected directly into your uterus. Injecting the prepared semen into your uterus is quick and virtually painless.

4.     May have cramps during the procedure and light bleeding afterward. To know the IUI treatment cost, visit the best fertility center.


After the procedure-

4.     Doctors recommend that patients go to bed at least 15 - 30 minutes after the procedure.

5.     Patients are advised to reduce their aerobic activity and to lift heavy objects during this period.

6.     Progesterone levels are checked one week after ovulation. Ultrasound is performed to observe the uterine lining, the thickness of which gives clues to the effectiveness of the IUI procedure.

7.     If the procedure is successful, the woman will conceive and carry a full-term baby in the normal way. To know the IUI treatment cost in India, visit the best fertility center.


Cost of IUI Treatment: Factors Affecting the Cost of IUI-

The cost to the patient depends on various factors such as:

1.     The hospital patient chooses

2.     Doctor fees

3.     Cost of tests and diagnostics

4.     Cost of number of IUI cycles

5.     Cost of follow-up care

To know more about IUI cost in India, IUI treatment cost in India or Cost of IUI treatment in India, visit the best fertility clinic in India

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