Oligospermia: How tough is Low sperm count to deal with!

by Sneha Bhatt IVF Center

What is meaning of Oligospermia or Low sperm count?

Oligospermia is a spermatic disease causing a deficit in the quantity of sperm in humans. Depending on its severity and the presence of other spermatic pathologies, the patient is likely to be sterile. So what are its symptoms, causes and treatments?


Know the Oligospermia Causes-

The Oligospermia Causes include-

The term Oligospermia or low sperm count is a problem which affects the quantity of sperm produced in men. This production anomaly can be transient or chronic. The causes can be many, because many factors are capable of modifying or altering human spermatogenesis. We are providing you a non-exhaustive list:

  • Infection leading to obstruction of the vas deferens (which transport sperm to the urethra) or inflammation of the seminal vesicles (responsible for the production of seminal fluid)
  •  Lack of hormonal stimulation (extreme oligospermia)
  • Injury to a testicle following infection (orchitis), surgery, or even testicular torsion bad management
  • Genetic anomaly (severe oligospermia)
  • Varicocele (dilation of the veins in the spermatic cord)
  • Certain drug treatments (chemotherapy, anabolic steroids, hypertension drugs, interferon prescribed in certain viral diseases, etc.)
  • Exposure to certain toxic substances such as alcohol, drugs, tobacco (including for exposure in utero), as well as certain environmental pollutants (phthalates, pesticides)
  • Exposure of the testicles to a high temperature in certain hazardous occupations (welder, glassblowers, handlers, firefighters, etc.)
  • General liver or kidney disease


Know about the Oligospermia Symptoms-

The Oligospermia Symptoms include-

Oligospermia is not symptomatic disease. There is nothing to suggest that you have it, except when you conceive. Apart from this situation, the patients do not suffer from any particular pain or ailments.


What is the treatment of this disorder?

As we said earlier, oligospermia is not a "visible" pathology. We can suspect this disorder when a couple tries to have a child, in vain. A spermogram (sperm analysis) is then used to detect whether or not a problem is present.

During this test, the patient's ejaculate is analyzed and in particular its sperm concentration. This must be greater than 15 million / ml of ejaculate or 39 million / ejaculate in order to rule out oligospermia. This test will be repeated several times several weeks apart. Depending on the results, doctors can classify oligospermia into three levels:

Light: Between 5 and 14 million sperm/ml of sperm

Moderate: Between 1 and 5 million sperm/ml of sperm

Severe: Concentration less than 1 million/ml of ejaculate


Know about the complete Oligospermia Treatment-

The Oligospermia Treatment include-

The cause of the disease most often determines the treatment, including:

  • If the cause is hormonal, rectification treatment may revive spermatogenesis (the production of sperm)
  • In case of disorders due to a toxic substance, a cure will be necessary
  • Anyway, if oligospermia cannot be treated , different solutions can be offered to couples who want children
  • In Vitro Fertilization (contacting ova with sperm)
  • ICSI (IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection) where a mobile sperm is injected inside an equally healthy ovum.

To know more about Oligospermia meaning, its causes, symptoms and treatment, visit the best fertility clinic in India.

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