All You Need to Know about Vitamin C?

by Geoff Brice Consultant

What is Vitamin-C?

Vitamin-C is a Vitamin that a human body gets from food and the dietary supplements as it cannot be made in the body itself. Also known as L-ascorbic acid or ascorbate, Vitamin-C is an antioxidant that prevents stress and plays a key role in making collagen. When taking intravenous (IV) vitamin-c infusion, it can reach on higher levels when it is taken by mouth. The severity of the lack of this vitamin in a person’s diet may give birth to diseases with the symptoms of extreme weakness, lethargy, easy bruising and bleeding etc.

Vitamin-C can treat cancer- How?

High doses of vitamin-c has been studied and is a considerable treatment for the cancer patients and the doses of IV vitamin-C is given frequently to the patients for the treatment of infections, fatigue and cancel including even breast cancer. Even it is found that high dose ascorbic acid can help in building resistance to disease or infection and can possibly treat cancer.

Risks and side effects associated with vitamin-C

1.Intravenous high-portion ascorbic corrosive has caused not very many symptoms in clinical preliminaries. In any case, high-portion Vitamin C might be unsafe in patients with certain hazard factors.

2.In patients with a past filled with a kidney issue, kidney disappointment has been accounted for after ascorbic corrosive treatment. Patients with an inclination to create kidney stones ought not to be treated with high-portion Vitamin C.

3.Case reports have demonstrated that patients with an acquired issue called G-6-PD insufficiency ought not to be given high portions of Vitamin C, because of the danger of hemolysis (a condition in which red platelets are pulverized).

4.Since Vitamin C may make press all the more effectively ingested and utilized by the body, high portions of the Vitamin are not suggested for patients with hemochromatosis (a condition in which the body takes up and stores more iron than it needs).

How is it taken?

Vitamin C is taken in either of the two ways i.e. by Intravenous (IV) vitamin-C infusion or by mouth. Although it is better to prefer taking it intravenously as it reaches higher blood levels.

Benefits of High dose vitamin-C

1.Vitamin C is a supplement found in sustenance and dietary enhancements. It is a cancer prevention agent and furthermore assumes a key job in making collagen.

2.High-portion Vitamin C might be given by intravenous (IV) mixture (through a vein into the circulatory system) or orally (taken by mouth). At the point when taken by intravenous mixture, Vitamin C can achieve a lot larger amounts in the blood than when a similar sum is taken by mouth.

3.High-portion Vitamin C has been examined as a treatment for patients with malignant growth since the 1970s.

4.Research center investigations have appeared high dosages of Vitamin C may moderate the development and spread of prostate, pancreatic, liver, colon, and different sorts of malignant growth cells.

5.Some research center and creature contemplates have demonstrated that consolidating Vitamin C with anticancer treatments might be useful, while different investigations have appeared certain types of Vitamin C may make chemotherapy less powerful.

6.Creature thinks about having appeared high-portion Vitamin C treatment squares tumor development in specific models of pancreatic, liver, prostate, and ovarian diseases, sarcoma, and harmful mesothelioma.

7.Some human investigations of high-portion IV Vitamin C in patients with malignancy have appeared personal satisfaction, and in additional upgrades in physical, mental, and passionate capacities, indications of weakness, sickness and retching, torment, and hunger misfortune.

8.Intravenous high-portion ascorbic corrosive has caused not very many reactions in clinical preliminaries.

9.While for the most part affirmed as a dietary enhancement, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not endorsed the utilization of IV high-portion Vitamin C as a treatment for a disease or some other therapeutic condition.

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