Adopting A Stray Dog

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Adopting a stray dog carries more risks than buying a pet from a licensed breeder or even adopting a rescue from a shelter. However, we've heard many accounts from people who have rescued strays and found it to be one of the most satisfying experiences of their lives. If you see a stray that catches your eye, you can take him in and make him a member of your family as long as you remember to take some important steps and precautions.


Check For A Tag Or Microchip

If you see a stray, the logical first step is to look for a name. If there is a tag with the owner's name on it, call and arrange for a delivery, and you will know you have accomplished your good deed for the day. If the tag indicates the name of a veterinary clinic, call during business hours and obtain the owner's name and phone number by inputting the code number on the tag. Then follow up to return the dog. If the dog does not have a collar, they will be able to be marked if he or she has been microchipped. A veterinarian will assist you in determining this.

If there is no identification or microchip, attach a temporary tag with your name and phone number to the animal. You may use a luggage mark or even duct tape the details around the neck.

Examine the Dog's Personality

 Not all dogs are adapted to an indoor life. Adopt gentle and sociable street dogs, ideally when they are puppies. If the dog exhibits violent behavior or is a member of an established pack, it is probably content with its life on the streets and will not make a good house pet.

Visit The Veterinarian For Your Dog

If you plan to adopt a stray dog, it is highly advised that you take your new canine companion to the vet and ask them to check them for communicable disease. Furthermore, you should make an appointment to get the dog vaccinated. It will protect you as well as any pets you might already have.

Heartworms Prevention

Mosquitoes transmit heartworms, which can cause coughing, lethargy, trouble breathing, heart failure, and death. Fortunately, there are a plethora of dog healthcare products available to protect against heartworm infection. Consult with your veterinarian to determine the right product for your dog.

Prepare Your Home

Older dogs who have been on the street for a while, as well as puppies rescued from a pack, may have a proclivity to go outside on a daily basis. Create a room for sleeping, playing, and socializing. Then introduce the dog to your surroundings and allow him to explore. Stock up on supplies such as food and water dishes, a harness or leash, brushes, soap, shampoo, toys and treats, and a bed with blankets.

Socialize Them With The Rest Of Your Pets

Establishing a healthy bond between your new pet and your other pets is a significant part of bringing a new pet into your home. You can't predict how a stray dog would react to other pets if you adopt one. As a result, it's best to start slowly and gradually acquaint your stray dog with the other animals in your household. If you're adopting from a shelter or a rescue, the staff should be able to give you enough details about the dog's personality and habits so you can determine if they're the best match for you.

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