Acts of Umrah Al-Mufradah

by Ady Grewal Content writer
Umrah is certainly, non-obligation religious Ibadah but this has great importance in the world of Islam. It has plenty of superiorities and is considered one of the best acts, as Allah’s Apostle said about such Umrah “Umrah is the atonement of all sins.” This can be performed in any month of the year, however, Rajab month is the most suitable for pilgrims rather than others month which is affirmed several places in hadiths. 

People from the UK have a keen desire to visit the holy house of Allah (SWT) through Umrah packages 2020 London by performing Umrah Al-Mufradah. This is not obligatory both for men and women more than once in a lifetime who are able to perform it. Moreover, no one is allowed to enter the holy sanctuary of Makkah without wearing Ihram which is essential for pilgrims except those who are a servant of Caravan, and car drivers as well. Also, the person who has performed Umrah Al-Tammatu and go out of Makkah and return in the same lunar month, so this is not obligatory for them. 

There are seven acts in order to perform Umrah Al-Mufradah:

1.    Ihram should be worn from Miqat.
2.    Seven circumambulations (Tawaf).
3.    Offer the prayer of Tawaf
4.    Performed Sa’y of Safa and Marwa
5.    Cutting the hair and nails (Taqsir) 
6.    Tawaf of Nisa’.
7.    Offering the prayer of Tawaf of Nisa 

It is permissible to wear Ihram from Any of Miqats such as Masjid Al-Sharjah which is very near to Makkah, Adni Al-Halal which is also called the first point out of Al-Haram. 

Moreover, Hudaibiya, Jirranah, or Tan’eem, however, it is easy for those who have the desire to perform Umrah Al-Mufradah after performing Hajj to go to Masjid Al-Tan’eem which is middle of the Makkah and has eight-kilometer distance from Masjid Al-Haram. So, pilgrims can easily go to that place with a roofed car by the guidance of Authorized Hajj Umrah Agents as they give complete information in this regard.  Therefore, pilgrims who come from Jeddah in order to perform Umrah should choose Hudaibiya which is about 17 kilometer from Makkah, and those who want directly from Media should select Masjid Al-Sharjah which will be proved the best Ihram wearing place. 

Yet, Umrah is Mustahib in each month regarding proceeding but if a person enters in the Makkah at the end of Rajab month and proceeds Umrah, so that can be performed it again as the month of Shaban starts. But proceeding two Umrah Al-Mufradah obviously has a problem in the same month, however, if the pilgrims have a great desire to perform more than one Umrah in one month, so he/she mus2t perform Umrah with the intention of Rija’( hoping Allah (SWT) to accept it) but not intention of obligatory. 

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