A Quick Guide To Solving Any Mechanics Problem In Mechanical Engineering

by Thomas Grant Subject Expert

Mechanical engineering is a challenging subject to deal with. With challenging mechanical drawings, numerous laws & postulates and the like, every underlying subject of the stream poses serious challenges to the unprepared. Students of the discipline often seek mechanical engineering assignment help to overcome a myriad of challenging assignment problems.

Probably, no other kind of problem is as troublesome as engineering mechanics problems. Convoluted engineering mechanical drawings and a combination of different forces, moments & static equilibrium acting on the body make things difficult to decipher.

To that end, this article offers some engineering mechanics to help with your mechanical engineering assignments.

Solving Statics problems

The following steps can help you crack the most formidable statics problem out there.

Step 1: Understand & absorb the problem and then draw the position diagram. This is one of the most vital steps as the question, or the given diagram may be ambiguous to understand. Take note of all the relevant forces acting on the body and sketch them along with their components.

Step 2: Choose a perfect free body and draw an accurate diagram. Determine the significance and implication of every force & its components on the free body

Step 3: Apply the equilibrium conditions. Balance out all the force components acting on a body to achieve static equilibrium, that is, the body does not exhibit any translational or rotational motion.

Step 4: Write down all the resultant equations, manipulate them and find the required unknowns.

Step 5: Determining all the forces and their components is crucial to solving any mechanics problem.

Sums on statics are an integral part of any mechanical engineering assignment as they help in the design of machines, determining the strength of materials and structural design.

If you have a hard time solving these problems, solving online mechanical engineering assignments are an excellent way of solving challenging problems and convoluted mechanical free bodies. For further difficulties, it is best to seek professional guidance from mechanical engineering assignment writing services.

Kinematics Problem Solving

Kinematics is all about determining the space-time relationship of the motions acting on a body. The four critical kinematics equations that describe the mathematical relationship between the parameters of the motion are:

1.     D = (Vi * t) + 0.5 * (A * t2)

2.     Vf2 = Vi2 + 2 * a * D

3.     Vf = Vi + A * t

4.     D = [(Vi + VF)/2] * t

In the above equations, D is the displacement; Vi is the initial velocity, Vf the final velocity, A the acceleration and t the time.

The steps involved in the strategy for solving any kinematics problem are as follows:

·     Construct an adequately labelled diagram that relays all necessary information.

·       Identify and list all given information in equation form.

·       Find out the unknowns.

·       Craft the equations needed to acquire the unknowns from the given information and the equations crafted.

·       Substitute values into the equation and apply appropriate mathematical operations for solving the unknowns.

·       Tally your answer with the problem to determine its correctness.

And, that rounds up this little guide. Hope it helps you solve most of your mechanics assignment problems and score better than before. For further assistance, drop all your "Please do my Mechanical engineering assignment" requests only at services that offer genuine online assignment expert for solving your problems.

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