A Person’s Life Purpose according To Birth Chart Analysis

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Astrology is the most important means to guide a person in life and offer a valuable insight into the things that are yet to come. Such a beneficial service can never be denied and it becomes must to entertain ourselves with the delightful guidance served. Prevalent since times immemorial, astrology has been the source of uncompromised joy and prosperity to countless people and the fruitful benefits to reap have popularized the sciences across the intangible realms of the planet.

As per astrology, our purpose of life is determined by the placement of sun in a particular house of the Horoscope chart. A person’s horoscope chart contains 12 houses and each one characterizes specific characteristics and attributes. Every house represents a particular aspect of life and co-relates day to day occurrences with the birth time of an individual.

A description of the twelve houses with information about each helps a person to understand his purpose in life and offers a means to obtain the best guidance for a vast variety of life activities. Each house is allotted a specific attribute and with the precise birth chart analysis of the best astrologer in India, one can gain knowledge about the various traits and predict the future course of events to prepare for the same.

The details of twelve houses of the horoscope and information of the predicted life purpose for each have been offered by the world renowned astrologer as follows:

§        The first house

The first house is all about first impressions. It defines one’s own self, personality, appearance and attitude. This house speaks individuality at best and emphasizes on starts and new beginnings. If a person’s sun falls in the first house, he or she is destined to be a leader in the future with no one else having an influence on them. Such a person becomes an entrepreneur or runs his own business.

People with such horoscope attributes are destined to be adventurers always seeking things out of the box. They strive to be different in their approach and have a unique but functional perspective about all aspects of life.

§        The second house

The second house of the horoscope controls monetary income and values. If your sun falls in this house, you will be concerned about earning money and gaining valuable possessions. This house governs a person’s materialistic desires and also determines self-respect and self-esteem.

Such people strive to develop and flourish their talents.

§        The third house

The third house of the astrological birth chart rules all forms of communication affairs. If the sun falls in this house, the person will seek every opportunity to express himself and his life purpose will be influenced by improving ways to communicate and travel to suffice the requisites of curiosity.

These people become teachers, lawyers, writers and poets who find diverse means to satisfy their desires to express.

§        The fourth house

The fourth house is at the bottom of the astrology chart and signifies the root of existence. This house rules the foundation of all things. As family is the biggest attribute and gift to life, it forms the basis of existence. If sun occurs in the fourth house, such people become great influencers in life and nurture others by involving themselves in professions like teaching, acting, inspiring or caretaking of some sort.

§    The fifth house

If sun falls in the fifth house of the birth chart, it allows a person to be creative, joyous, fun-loving and interactive. Such people enjoy the excitement and are always involved in some form of activity. They are involved in helping others and have an ever-lasting desire to do things that fuel their passion and commit fully in romance and love.

§       The sixth house

The sixth house signifies health and fitness. The people whose sun occurs in the sixth house require serving their bodies and also utilizing the maximum of their potential. This house determines everyday routine, schedules, activities and health status.

§      The seventh house

The sector of relationships, seventh house defines marriage and partnerships. It determines a person’s prospects of love and family that is a timeless source of joys and delights. Any partnership or association will be influenced by this house and the person will strive tirelessly to reinforce the bonds of togetherness.

§      The eight house

The eight house rules the aspects of birth, death, evolution, creation and planning. It signifies transformation and adoption of new. With an emphasis on personal life, people with sun in their eighth house enjoy changes and alterations.

§      The ninth house

If sun lies in your ninth house, you will explore the world and your intellectual abilities and intelligence will bring you all forms of success in life and let you cherish the delights of joys that come with it. Your higher thinking ability and vast vision has been an inspiration for many and you are destined to continue guide forever.

§       The tenth house

With sun in the tenth house of horoscope chart, fame, honor, authority, image, power, publicity and prestige are greatly influenced. You will achieve great success and will be vastly appreciated for your heroic feats. 

§       The eleventh house

Society, teams, groups, friends and community come under the influence of sun being in the eleventh house of the horoscope chart. Such people are key team players and believe in joint success.

§    The twelfth house

The twelfth house is the most mysterious house and determines a person’s sub conscious and hidden thoughts. It depicts the true characteristics and secret desires of anyone and rules imagination, thought and spirituality. 

The famous astrologer in India, Pt. Karan Sharma Ji with his knowledge and expertise offers the best guidance to let a person explore his birth chart and determine his house to gain an insight into the life purpose of each.  

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