A comprehensive guide to AngularJS with its benefits and limitations in application development

by vishal tripathi Digital Markiting Expart
AngularJS is a framework for developing dynamic web pages for website design and development services. It allows the developers to use the HTML templates and syntax to define the functionality clearly. The data binding and dependency injection feature of the platform eliminates to need to write each and every code. All of this happens in the browser, therefore, increased compatibility if the website with server technology.

It is the extended version of HTML if it has been used for application designing. Though it does not handle the complete client-side application development yet it manages the codes of DOM and AJAX to put up a well-defined structure.
Features of AngularJS

MVC – The framework has a Model-View-Controller model. This is used in today’s web application development

The logic, data, and presentation layer are divided into separate sections so that modifications and maintenance become easier to carry out.

Data binding – Just by adding a few snippets code, the data can be bound with HTM control. One does not have to write special codes for that.

Unit testing is possible – The ‘Karma’ developed by Google helps in creating unit tests for the codes. Thus, ensuring error-free development of the application.

Lesser code writing – For DOM manipulation, the developers have to write very few numbers for codes and yet the application can run effectively.

Advantages of using AngularJS

The following advantages of AngularJS make it popular as it is today,

• Angular analyses the page DOM and binds the specific element attributes. Therefore, fewer codes have to be written. Thus, making the entire programming cleaner and easier to understand.

• It modifies the page DOM directly instead of adding inner codes to the HTML. Thus, providing faster interfacing.

• Data binding does not occur at every stage of modelling or controlling. It occurs at the specific point of JavaScript code execution. This helps in improving the performance while custom application development.

• It offers various ways to design and develop the same thing. Thus, compatible with various styles and patterns. 

• Supported by Visual Studio  .NET IDEs and IntelliJ IDEA. Also, Google and other development authorities brace it.

•  It is lightweight and follows the single page approach. 

Disadvantages of using AngularJS

The following disadvantages of using AngularJS,

• It is a complex platform because it supports multiple ways of development. Hence, one cannot tell which one is better than other.

• The lifecycle of application development is a bit complex and in order to master it, you really need to read and learn the code.

• With time the developers have to replace the existing implementations with new approaches to enhance the compatibility with the latest technology.

• Setting up the environment of AngularJS is a tricky task. 


AngularJS is the latest technology to carry out web application development. It has several supplements but none offers the development of the quality that AngularJS does. With a little hard-work, one can create quality applications.

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