9 Rules You Need To Follow While at Drug Rehab

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Summary: Looking for a drug rehab to get rid of your addiction? You may have to follow some rules. Although tough they are very essential to lead a drug-free, alcohol-free life.

Living in a drug rehab may not be as easy as living in a resort. There are certain rules you need to follow, although your first instinct would be to break them. It is not just you; most people who struggle with substance abuse feel so. However, if you have decided to recover from your addiction you will have to understand that these rules have been made for your own good. They are sure to help you on your pathway to recovery.

Many rehabs might contact you through rehab addiction leads. When they do so, you can ask them about the rules you may have to follow. The rules do vary from one rehab to the other; but here is a set of 9 standard rules that you may have to follow, no matter which drug rehab you choose to enter.

No using cell phones or computers

Most drug rehab centers stop you from bringing cell phones or computers, while you are in treatment. Even if they do allow, they will make sure you have restricted access. This is only to stop you from contacting people who can supply you drugs or alcohol. Also, you won’t be allowed to take photos while at drug rehab and share them on social media, thereby violating the privacy of the center. The best part about not having access to cell phones and computers is that you will have no distractions and you can focus better on your recovery.

No relationships while in rehab

You can make friends, connections, and communicate with people who are on the same path as you. But romantic relationships are not permitted in rehab. Even if you are a couple who wants to be admitted in the rehab together, you won’t be allowed to enter the same program. This is only to bring your focus to your continued recovery without complicating things.

You have to attend all sessions

Attending and participating in each and every session of drug rehab is very important if you are undergoing treatment. It might be difficult at first; but with time you will understand what kind of benefits you can get by attending these sessions. This is not like a strict classroom where you will be tortured mentally. It is something that will help you deal with the challenges that come in the path of your recovery from substance abuse. Such sessions boost up your morale, increase your self-confidence and motivate you to get rid of your addiction in a faster and more determined way.

No Music; No TV; No Movies

Leading a life without these things could seem very unfair. But there is a solid reason behind this rule. It is to avoid triggers. However, there are rehabs that make certain adjustments to these rules. They let you watch TV and movies with some restrictions on what you can watch and what you can’t. While in rehab you would be in a sensitive phase of recovery. Keeping you away from watching TV or movies is the rehab’s way of making sure you don’t get affected by the shocking triggers about drinking or drug use from the media.

Absolutely no drugs or alcohol

The whole point of joining a rehab center is to lead a life that is free from drugs and alcohol. The first thing that happens at the rehab is a thorough search. Your bags will be checked for any traces of drugs or alcohol. If you have any prescribed medications they will be taken for analysis before they are given to you on the basis of your need. You will have to stay away from all drugs and alcohol in order to live a drug and alcohol-free life.

There will be restrictions on where you can go

You won’t be able to come and go as you please, once you are at drug rehab. Even if you have to go to an organized event, you will have to be accompanied by an employee of the facility. It is not that you are a prisoner; it is only to make sure you don’t get out of the drug rehab experience and undo all the good that has been done to you. It is to keep you on a healthy path at all times, be it physically or mentally.

You have to stick to schedules that are highly structured

The best and the worst part of a drug rehab are its highly structured schedules. These will be different for different people, depending upon their requirements. The schedules include one-on-one therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, meetings, and prescribed activities. They are designed to help you stay on the course, without giving in to any distractions. With each day of following this schedule you become more and more accountable. However tiring or annoying these schedules might seem; they offer you the maximum amount of healing, while you are at rehab.

Some rehabs that contact you via rehab addiction live transfers leads may be lenient with some of these rules. But that shouldn’t be your criteria of choosing them. You need to understand that following these rules is very essential for your recovery, no matter how tough they seem. Don’t let them break you. Make up your mind and go for it. It takes some time to get used to; but if you go with an open mind and a determination to recover, nothing can be impossible.

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