10 Minor Things You Might Forget While Building Your Home

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There is lot of planning that you need to do before building your custom home. Way too many details might be keeping you up at night and you might be worried that you may have forgotten something important. It is always good to keep a check list that will help you remember the things you need to include while constructing your home

Here are a few items that should make it to your check list:

Decide on the placement of power outlets and light switches

This is a minute detail when it comes to building your home; but it can have a major impact on your day-to-day life. Apart from making sure that every space in your home will be lit adequately, you must also ensure that the light switches are in convenient positions. You may want to switch on the light before entering a room. You may also want a light switch with a power outlet positioned near your bedside table. 

The number of power outlets you would need depends on the appliances and devices that you use. Make sure you install power outlets in the following areas of your home:

  • Kitchen countertops for toasters, ovens, coffee makers, food processors, and other appliances

  • Bathrooms for your hairdryers, straighteners, curling irons, and electric toothbrushes

  • Living rooms for your televisions, charging devices, and lamps

  • Exteriors for your landscape lighting or holiday lighting

  • Garages for charging your electric vehicles or powering outdoor tools

  • Home offices for your routers, laptops, electronic items, and charging devices

  • Basement if you want to convert it into a workshop

Install Lights Above and Below Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen is a space where you may be spending a lot of your time. You want it to be nice and bright at all times. Good lighting is also very essential for your kitchen workspace to be functional. For your kitchen prep and cleanup you may want to add some good lighting below your kitchen cabinetry. At the same time, to bring in some life to your kitchen on those gloomy days, you may want to add some lights above your kitchen cabinets too.

Decide on the Location of your Television

Your television may be the last thing on your mind when designing your ideal living room. Gone are those days when families would want their Television to be the central feature of their living room. Today, you just want to keep your television in a corner or stick it on top of a mantle. Nevertheless, you still need to designate a space for your television so that you can decide on the proper positioning of the power outlet.

Think Tall Before You Hang that Showerhead

It is always better to get your showerhead installed a little higher than usual. It would be convenient for a person taller than six feet to use your bathroom, just in case. Or you could even install two shower heads.

Think of Recessed Storage in Your Bathrooms

Like other spaces of your home, bathrooms also need some storage areas where you can store stuff. It could be your medicines or extra toiletries. Having recessed storage behind your bathroom mirror or in your shower, can help you store items while still making your bathroom look spacious. Since you are building a custom home you can think of making these simple additions that can increase your bathroom storage space.

Designate Spaces for Routers and Electronics 

Internet is one thing no one can live without, especially in this age. You might want to get a hardline system installed if you are a heavy internet user. This is easier put in when you are building your home. Decide where you want to place your router so as to boost your signal. Also, if you are a music buff, you may want to install sound systems and put recessed speakers in designated spaces.

Make your Kitchen Functional

One space in your home that would require excessive organization is your kitchen. You want a lot of storage space and also designated spaces for stacking your pots and pans so that they don’t come crashing as soon as you open your cabinets. Thankfully, the kitchen cabinets of today come with features that make storage simple and convenient. You can buy deep cabinet drawers for storing your cooking pots, a pull-out spice rack, and some soft-close drawers that are durable and easy to handle. You can also check out some space-saving features for a fully functional kitchen.

Make your Outdoors Convenient

Most people end up focusing only on their interior spaces while building their homes. Certain small items such as installing a ceiling fan on your porch, or installing power outlets for landscape lighting or a speaker on the deck might not even cross your mind. You have no idea how much time you would want to spend on your deck or porch once you move into your new house. So you might as well get all the features added that you would want to use.

Make your Utility Usable

Your laundry room might be the last thing on your mind while designing your home. It may not be exciting; but you still want it to work for you. You don’t want any issues once you start using this room. To make it more functional you can get a deep counter installed to store towels or fold clothes. You may also want a hanging rack if you want to air dry your clothes. Adding a sink also can make your laundry room functional.

Ask Your Builder for Extra Materials

Keeping leftovers of paint, wallpaper, grout, tile, or even carpet can help if you want to make any repairs in the future. In case the material you have is not enough to suffice your repairs, you will still have the sample or the manufacturer label with which you can source the material. Even if the builder can’t give you extra materials make sure he gives you a list of the items such as paint colors, appliances, finishes, and other selections he has used in building your home.

The Bottom Line

Getting a solar system installed is a good way to increase the energy efficiency of your home. Try and get some solar live transfer leads so that you know whom to contact. Make sure you have everything you want and in place, before you move into your dream home.

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