8 Tips To Help You Pick The Right Bridesmaid Dresses

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Among the dozens of decisions you need to make when planning the perfect wedding, choosing the right bridesmaid dress can be one of the toughest. Everyone is going to have their own opinion about what the bridesmaids’ dresses should look like, and it’s not easy trying to please every one of your bridesmaids and stay true to your vision. It’s your wedding, though, which means you get the final say on what your girls will be wearing.


Although this can all sound very stressful, with the right knowledge and approach, picking the perfect bridesmaid dress for your girls can actually be tons of fun!


1. Keep Your Bridal Gown Style In Mind


You may be the main attraction at the wedding, but you don’t want your girls too look out of place. Making sure your girls’ looks coordinate with yours can be an important part of picking the right dress. If you’re already wearing a busy dress with plenty of details, lace, and beading, consider keeping the bridal party dresses on the simple side to compliment you. On the other hand, lace details on the bridesmaid dresses to match your lace bridal gown can also work; either way, make sure you’re considering how the girls’ dresses will look standing next to you in yours.


2. Get Inspiration From Pinterest


At this point, it’s probably safe to say you have your own wedding board on Pinterest, since it’s a reliable resource for the preliminary stages of wedding planning. Search for bridesmaid dresses on the platform to come up with a few ideas for colors combinations and styles that could work. Whether you’re looking for mix-and-match dresses or having each of your girls wear different shades that still coordinate, Pinterest is going to be insanely helpful when it comes to inspiration.


3. Start Shopping Early


Although you’re probably already feeling pressure from the planning process, it’s important to keep in mind that the earlier you get your shopping done, the better. You may not know this, but ordering bridesmaid dresses from a designer can actually end up being a surprisingly lengthy process. In fact, the average bridesmaid dress can take between 3-6 months to arrive after ordering, since each custom bridesmaid dress is made to order. Pay attention to production and shipping times when you order, and allow time for any necessary alterations to make sure your girls look their best. 


4. Figure Out A Budget


Let’s be honest -- price really does matter. Everyone knows the bride and groom are going to have a set budget for the wedding, but it’s easy to forget bridesmaids end up investing quite a bit into the big day, too. While your girls have signed up to participate in your wedding vision, you should still be mindful of how much each dress is going to cost and leave a little room in the budget for possible alterations, shoes, and accessories.


5. Be Sensitive To Dress Styles And Body Types


When you’re picking out dresses, remember to be considerate of the varying body types of each of your girls. Make no mistake; one dress does not fit all. An A-line dress style is going to be the most universally flattering, whether you have bridesmaids who are all similarly proportioned or have a huge variety of dress sizes in the party. You don’t want any of your girls stressing about having to lose weight just to fit in the dress you picked for them.


6. Be Mindful of Dress Color And Skin Tones


Just like you want to be aware of your girls’ different shapes and sizes, you also want to pay attention to the different skin tones in your bridal party. We all have colors that just don’t look good on us, and the last thing you want is for any of your girls to feel like she doesn’t look her best. Trending colors don’t always look good on everyone, so consider things like skin tone and hair color before making a decision.


7. Choose a Fabric That Works


Many brides aren’t familiar with different types of fabric and how they tend to look and feel, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with this before you pick a dress. Consider the average weather of the season; chiffon may be a lightweight, sheer fabric that seems perfect for summer, but the material has no stretch and doesn’t breathe. Will your girls really be comfortable in their full-length chiffon gowns at your outdoor wedding in the middle of July? You get the picture.


8. Ask For Feedback


Don’t be surprised when your girls have opinions about the bridal party attire. It’s your wedding, but they do still have to wear (and pay for) this dress. Being receptive to feedback is a big part of making sure your girls feel acknowledged as an important part of the big day (and they are!). Besides, there’s always the chance they’ll suggest something perfect for the event that you hadn’t even considered.


Picking the right bridesmaid dress is an important part of your wedding, since your maids will be heavily featured in all your wedding albums. Popular new movies like People You May Know speak to the power social media has in our everyday lives, and you want all your girls to feel confident posting and sharing all those photos of your wedding party looking amazing on the big day.  

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