7 most effective way to choose your careers

by George Simpson SEO Expert
Career is a most crucial matter for any folks in the world. There is a thousand of job opportunity or career opportunity to choose one. It is often claimed that you have to choose your career which is related to your study from where you graduate or studied. But I am totally contradicting that opinion. I will try to discuss both views and how to choose a career before drawing the conclusion.

Benefits of choosing an occupation based on background study are, you will feel more comfortable and understand it properly. What is the main intent of that profession and why people are doing this? Furthermore, you won't feel disenchanted while you are working on that. Some key point is :

7 sevenn effective way to choose your career

  • Understand the core concept
  • Feel more interest 
  • Solving the issue faster than other employees 

In the contrast, we have all experience that the reality is not always imagination. It's the robust and deadly truth. If we look at the actual market then we will understand the hard truth. Millions of people are working on a trade which is diversified from their educational background.

According to a media report, compilation peoples have chosen their career based on some short course or diploma. And this is increasing day by day.

So the question is how you choose career summary and career plane rapidly also in an effective way? 

Here is the list should be kept in mind when we choose our career and improve our career -

  • Skills 
  • Location
  • Qualification
  • Contacts
  • Personality
  • Interest
  • Values and motivation 
7 skills boost your careers

Your skills: When we talk about skills some factors come up in our views that is -skills of communicating with others then should be problems solving skills on a topic or matter you will be working. Next, work with co-worker or employee or colleague with very well understanding (most wanted from a company). Computer knowledge is mandatory in the 21st world. The last one is organizing, it is a very basic skill but significant. So if making a list based on that that it will look like -

  1. Communicating skills
  2. Problems handling
  3. Teamwork with co-worker
  4. Computer knowledge (including computing)
  5. Organising skills
Location of the profession: when you choose your career the location should be measured with high priority. Maybe the job you choose as a career plan this is not available in your country or high competition to get that kind of jobs or need more experience to get it. So, the location is another serious factor in the career plan.

Qualification: It should be mentioned that one of the emergency factors or element when considering the professions. It is a trend and conventional rule to choose a career to depend on Qualification but that doesn't mandatory. Loads of example exists who to be keen on the profession which is not related to his own subjects and build there career on that and now a success.

Your contacts: It placed here for getting experience or take advice or get advice from your known people who are currently working here. It helps you a lot when you enter your profession. In that consequences, you will get pre-experience from them and prepare yourself based on that.

Personality: It denoted by decision making and stay on it until a huge negative side appeared on you then extrovert. It means to tell what you are thinking to others with high confidence and exposed your logic on that "why you are thinking like that? " Keep calm yourself on any climatic situation.
 In the bullet list it will look like -

  1. Determined
  2. Cautious
  3. Outgoing 
  4. Calm 
Your interest: Find out what you are keen to. It could be anything. Pass more time to find out yourself interest. As a result, you will able to understand yourself in a feasible way. Think about your creativity, social experience and scientific experience what you achieved in your entire life to decide career. Outdoor activity has a potential impact on career.

 The list should be like this - 
  1. Creativity
  2. Social experience
  3. Scientific experience
  4. Outdoor activity 
Values and motivation: Figure out the values about your career in a real life. Is it make you more interest towards to career or down yourself (demotivate) from your career. Suspect your security, money earning, helping others and working balance in your life. The list is like that - 
  1. Motivation
  2. Money 
  3. Security
  4. Balance life
Finally, I want to say this is not a complex process just have to think sequentially then it will be easy for you.

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