7 Compelling Reasons to Leverage Salesforce for Loan Origination and Decisioning

by Susan Davis All About salesforce

Have you ever scrolled through a jukebox – to find the songs that you want to listen to while all other songs in that list just seem irrelevant? The experience is very much similar to the one you get when shopping for financial services. You often have to scroll through irrelevant offers forcefully until you find the one that deems to fit your unique needs. However, this doesn’t end there as you need to fill in the application form. If you are fortunate enough then only you have to wait for a few seconds for your application to be approved.

This is because disparate systems and manual processes are no longer viable to compete in the digital world, resulting in missed opportunities frequently or closed accounts. Though multiple stakeholders in the loan life cycle including underwriters, appraisers, marketers, etc. operate in disconnected silos, borrowers look for a seamless and end-to-end digital engagement in real-time. Financial services institutions, therefore, need the powerful capabilities of Salesforce to meet and exceed customers’ expectations on a single platform. It helps them improve customer journeys and interactions by combining the data within CRM systems and loan decisioning technology.

Role of Salesforce in Credit/Loan Origination and Risk Decisioning

Financial service providers strive for efficiency improvements as they want to serve their customers well. Process automation offered by loan origination system software can weed out and replace manual, disconnected credit and lending processes with absolutely digital, fast, and automated solutions. Risk analytics and decision-making need to be integrated with business systems for complete efficiency—there’s no better solution than Salesforce.

Many banks, fintech companies, and card issuers manually extract and duplicate data from Salesforce CRM to complete credit checks, perform due diligence processes, and calculate risk scores using legacy systems. However, this is slow and inefficient. Such bottlenecks can be easily fixed by connecting credit and lending decision-making processes with Salesforce CRM, which facilitates seamless data exchange. A single data set can drive real-time risk analytics and decision-making through connected ecosystems. Salesforce combined with the right loan origination software can help financial institutions in the following ways:

  • Comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Salesforce CRM allows businesses to manage all their customer interactions, including credit and loan origination. It also lets you capture and track customer information, communication history, and document management easily, creating a seamless end-to-end customer experience.

  • Origination and Underwriting Process Automation

Salesforce offers powerful workflow automation capabilities, allowing financial service providers to streamline and automate their credit and loan origination processes. It allows you to create custom workflows to automate tasks, approvals, and notifications, reducing manual effort and improving efficiency. You can leverage the decisioning technology to easily integrate external and internal data sources and bureaus. This facilitates real-time decision-making based on the aggregated data and helps you operationalize any risk models in minutes to prevent them from impacting business.

  • Make the Lending Process More Transparent

Salesforce offers a 360-degree view of customers’ data, helping you create a transparent lending process. It lets financial organizations unify their entire lending business through a centralized platform, providing lenders, brokers, borrowers, underwriters, and other members of your team a transparent view of the origination and lending process.

  • Personalize Product Offerings for Customers

Customers today look for hyper-personalization and want financial service providers to know what they want when they want it. Combining a credit decisioning system with Salesforce enables you to collate the data needed by connecting siloed data. Hence, businesses can leverage a consumer and not-product-centric approach.

  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Salesforce offers robust reporting and analytics features that let you target customers based on financial triggers, life events, or specific behaviors such as saving habits or marriage. You can create customized reports and dashboards to track loan applications, evaluate risk profiles, monitor portfolio performance, and identify trends. These analytics capabilities empower you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your lending operations. Besides, you can not only predict the need for services but also choose the right product and pre-approve the customer before reaching out to them through a tailored marketing campaign.

  • End-to-end Compliance and Better Reporting

Salesforce adheres to industry-leading security standards, ensuring the protection of sensitive customer data. It also offers features that can assist with regulatory compliance, such as data encryption, audit trails, and permission controls. Aggregated data from internal, KYCnet, and other external systems can be automatically made available to a compliance interface built within Salesforce.

  • Mobile Access and Collaboration

Salesforce provides mobile applications that enable your sales and lending teams to access critical information and perform tasks on the go. This mobility allows for faster response times, efficient collaboration, and improved customer service. Your team can access real-time loan application status, update customer information, and communicate with customers, enhancing productivity and responsiveness.

Bottom Line

To summarize, Salesforce offers a comprehensive and flexible platform for credit/loan origination and risk decisioning, empowering financial institutions to streamline processes, improve customer experience, and make informed lending decisions based on accurate data and analytics.

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