6 Ways To Dispose Off Packing Boxes After Moving House

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Most people feel that the hardest part of shifting home is actually the act of being able to transfer all their worldly possessions to the new place in a damage free manner.  That is until they find their new home all cluttered with countless packaging boxes that they used for moving their things. In fact, it is not uncommon for people to feel overwhelmed at the sight of so many boxes that they have absolutely no idea of how to get rid of. Thankfully, disposing off the corrugated boxes and other types of packaging boxes is not as difficult as it might seem. Discussed below are the 6 most effective ways to get rid of the moving boxes without adding to your woes.

Give Them Away

One of the easiest ways of getting rid of the packing boxes is to give them away to people who might have some use for them. Unlike the other packing boxes, the ones that are used for shifting are generally much stronger and hence are suitable for multiple applications. So just spread the word amongst your friends and neighbours and you might be surprised to learn how many of them turn out to collect the boxes for specific uses. This method will help you get rid of most of the boxes that are still in a good condition to be reused and even those that might be slightly damaged.

Try Selling Them

There are quite a few traders of packaging materials online, who would willingly buy the boxes from you. However, you must be prepared to sell these boxes at a lesser price than the one at which you purchased them. This is still a better option than giving the boxes away for free or simply throwing them away as trash. In addition to selling the corrugated boxes online, you might also trying to sell them in the real world by putting up advertisements in local newspapers or even notice boards of local shops. You can even sell them to the moving companies, although in such cases the boxes need to be in a truly excellent condition.

Donate Them To Someone Shifting Home

If you know of someone who will be shifting home soon, donating the empty packing boxes to them is a good idea. This kind gesture will help such people to save considerable time and money that would otherwise be spent in finding the right moving boxes. At the same time it will help you get rid of almost all the boxes at once in a relatively simple and hassle free manner. Most important this simple gesture will enable you to establish a good friendship for life. If you do not know of anyone shifting their home in your close circle, you can post about the availability of boxes for such needs on social media groups.

Recycle Them At Home

There are countless ways in which you can recycle and reuse the corrugated boxes in your own home. You can combine the boxes to create extra storage space or even cut them out in shape of life-size toys for your kids. You can even use them as compost boxes or to pack items that are least used by you or are too delicate and fragile. Just unleash your creativity and create innovative DIY storage options for clothes, books, shoes and various other items. You can look up online for several more ideas to recycle and reuse the moving boxes in your new home without them making the space look cluttered.

Contact Local Recycling Companies

You can also seek information about local recycling companies that take in large quantities of cardboard. These companies can help put the boxes and any other packaging materials that you might want to dispose off to some good use. In an time, when the need to recycle and reuse is gaining great significance, your decision to avoid dumping the moving boxes in the nearest landfill can be a truly good one. Most such companies might even offer pick up services for collecting these boxes and transporting them to the recycling site. This will further enhance your convenience while also providing you with an opportunity to contribute towards ecological conservation.

Store Them For Future Use

If you are likely to shift home again within a few years, then it is advisable to store the moving boxes rather than trying to get rid of them. You just need to flatten the boxes and stack them after removing the tapes and staples so that you do not need to invest again in expensive packaging materials online the next time you need to move. However, you should make sure that you store the boxes in a dry place where they are least likely to get damaged due to presence of moisture or even rodents and other such creatures. With the boxes already available, you can save considerable time and money in the entire sifting process the next time you move.

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