6 Men’s Dressing Sense Tips to Look Stylish

by Amit K. Marketing Manager

At first glance, men's fashion may appear to be straightforward. After all, how difficult can it be to put on a well-tailored suit and look dapper? Unlike women, who appear to have an infinite number of fashion and trend options, men appear to be limited to jeans, shorts, suits, and the like.

Unfortunately, this is a widespread misconception when it comes to men's fashion; there is a lot to learn about good style and how to pull it off.

However, don't let this intimidate you; looking sharper than most of the guys is a simple matter of knowing what to wear and doing the little things right.

Knowing the right styling principles and considerations when it comes to choosing what to wear as a stylish man is important in this regard.

It doesn't matter whether you prefer streetwear clothing over cotton vest or more formal clothing; as long as you follow the advice below, you'll be fine.

1.) Fit is all that matters

If you want to significantly improve your dressing sense, make sure that everything is tailored. In fact, even the most expensive suit can make you look drab if it is ill-fitting.

Similarly, a low-cost suit can instantly look dapper if it is tailored to fit you. Check that everything you own fits you perfectly and that everything you wear fits you like a glove without being too tight.

2.) Keep it simple

Make an impression by keeping things simple. Take note: you want a wardrobe that flatters you, but don't go overboard.

Wear no more than three colours and no more than three accessories.

Simple styles appear more elegant and sophisticated, whereas over-the-top outfits appear too flashy and drab.

3.) Play up your casual staples

Remember that casual does not have to mean lazy like the cotton lungi for men, and it does not have to be boring. You can wear casual clothes and still look dapper if you take it to a different level.

Elevate your casual game by experimenting with collared shirts, or take a cue from some fashion men by incorporating a bit of formal undertones.

Keep in mind that casual does not always imply wearing slacks.

4.) Pay attention to your supporting pieces

When it comes to putting together a good outfit, a good rule of thumb is to make sure that your top and bottom halves match.

Take note of the clothing compliments you have, such as sweaters, because they come in different sizes and shapes—some are big and chunky, while others are lean.

In this regard, if you're wearing a rugged top, your bottom should be equally so.

5.) Invest in a good pair of shoes

It has been said that the first thing people notice about you is your shoes. With this in mind, you should strive to make a good first impression, beginning with your shoes.

Invest in a pair that will make any outfit look clean and sharp. Assure that this pair will complement any outfit and stay in pristine condition.

6.) Stay a notch above

Regardless of what fashion magazines say, it is always better to be a little overdressed for any occasion than underdressed.

However, you should always be cautious not to overdo it, but it is sometimes necessary to take some risks. Consider where you'll be going and take it a step further by displaying your best dressing sense.

However, make certain that you are not better dressed than someone who is important in a particular setting, such as your boss in the case of corporate events.

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