6 Discipline Tips for Students for Their Holistic Development

by BHS Mukundapur Team Best CBSE School in Kolkata

You should always try to guide your kid to success as a parent. And this is not only limited to academics but also their overall character development. If your kid is an average student, then it's time for you to help them become a prodigy in their respective field. These tips will help you do just that. Here are various tips to make your child more disciplined for holistic development.

Keeping a Study Planner

If you want to help your kid with their studies, the first thing that you can do is to make a study planner for them. This way, they will know when they need to start revising and how much time they will need to achieve their goal. You can also use this as a guide when it comes down to helping your child plan their revision time.

Maintain a Study Timetable

The next step is to create a study timetable. You can choose to do this yourself or with your child. If they are not yet in top school in Kolkata, this is the time when they should start incorporating some self-discipline into their daily routine. Even if they don't have any homework right now, it's still important that they learn how to manage their time and prioritize their activities.

As a parent, you need to help them stick to this schedule by motivating them and ensuring constant follow-up, so things aren't forgotten about or pushed aside because there's more fun stuff going on after school or during weekends.

Proper Study Place

You must set up a proper study place for your kid. If you want your kid to be successful in his studies, then he must have a good and proper place to study. A noisy place is not a good idea for your kid as he cannot concentrate on his work if other people are talking around him or playing their music too loud. Your child should have some quiet time to concentrate better on their work and not feel distracted by anything else happening around them.

Also, ensure they have all the resources they need during this period so they don't feel like having to go elsewhere each time something comes up unexpectedly (like needing paper or more pencils).

Motivate Your Kid

There is nothing more important than motivating your child. Motivating your child to do homework, study and attend school will help them succeed. You can use different methods to motivate them, like using rewards and incentives.

Always Make Your Kid Learn Something New

Learning new things should be a part of your child's life, and you can help them by encouraging them to learn as much as possible.

Learning something new can be exciting, especially when your child feels like they have conquered something challenging. 

If your child doesn't find some enjoyment in learning, encourage them to try again until they do. There are many ways for children to learn more about themselves and others: through books, music or movies; sports teams; hobbies; clubs at school; art projects, and outdoor activities. The list goes on.

Make Them Follow a Schedule Consistently

Children with a regular schedule will feel more secure and confident in themselves and their lives. They will also be better able to focus on schoolwork since they won't have to worry about what comes next or if they forget something important. Consistency is key when having your child follow a schedule; don't change it around too often.


As a parent, you must always be there to guide your child and help them flourish. There is no substitute for parents' support and guidance in shaping their children's lives. If you want your kids to develop into well-rounded individuals, these discipline tips will surely help. If you are looking for an English medium school in Kolkata, Birla School Mukundapur can be a great option.

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