6 Best Garden Maintenance Tips for the UK Summer 2018

by Thomas Cramphon Professional Gardener
Summer is the best time to give some extra care for your garden. It’s now free from frost but will leave your garden with a hardened soil. The garden soil should be watered frequently to keep up the moisture. It’s time to move your houseplants out for some sunshine. And, it’s time to do the garden maintenance and treatments with all the pruning, watering, mowing, weeding, mulching and planting to keep up with the conditions with the Great British weather. Here’re some of the 6 best garden maintenance tips for the UK Summer 2018.

Lawn Maintenance

If you have a spacious garden space, definitely you’ll have the lawn which needs some maintenance. Let’s start with lawn mowing to keep it healthy and evergreen during this dry weather. Get the help of experts to do the lawn maintenance if your lawn has had lots of use from parties and children’s games. They can mitigate the compaction of the soil caused by over-use and perform necessary actions to keep the lawn green.


Apply a generous amount of water to your lawn once a week until the weather levels are out again. Infrequent and heavy watering is better than frequent light watering as it encourages deeper roots to develop.  

Since the weather can be hot and windy, you need to water hanging baskets and pots frequently (at least twice a day) as these plants will need watering at least once a day. If you have a newly laid lawn then watering it every evening is recommended to allow it to flourish.

Pest Control

The warmer weather attracts pests and these can be very damaging for your plants. Look out for insect infestations on your plants and get the best products from your local garden centre or get the help of an expert to eradicate them.

Protect the Produce 

Your vegetables and fruits need special care during summer months. Water them regularly and keep picking. If you are growing vegetables in a greenhouse then remember that your greenhouse can get extremely hot in the summer. Keep your vegetables shaded on hot days. Spray the floor of your greenhouse with water in the morning. This will create a humid atmosphere which is ideal for your vegetables. Watering the floor at night could attract pests and cause disease, so avoid it.

Don't forget to feed the birds in summer as they will help keep your garden protected from insects and pests.


Prevent the growth of weeds by planting the beds densely to minimise the space and not giving any chance for the weeds to develop. Use mulch to prevent weed seeds from sprouting. Remove the source of the existing weeds by getting to the roots using a weeding trowel.

Plant new Plants:

Plant new plants in a shallow dish with rich soil. Keep the soil soaked as it will help the plants develop new roots. Keep a layer of mulch in the soil to prevent the weeds from growing.  

Follow these tips and get expert gardeners help to keep your garden thriving during this summer. For more gardening advice and to arrange regular garden maintenance please Contact London Garden Services now.

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