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Chief Almighty-First Thunder BC is a strategy game wherein you organize a clan, lead warriors, collect relics, and fight battles. In this blog, I have listed the best strategies that will help you succeed in Chief Almighty. Without further ado, let’s check them out:

  • Resource Production Buildings

In Chief Almighty, wood and meat are the two primary resources. You require them for building and doing anything. Hence, in the less raised riverside, you should build Hunting Grounds along with Lumber Mills- 5 each. In case you are at a better level, then this limit shall increase. You can build more as your progress through levels. It is best to build maximum resource production building in empty land plots. Later on, you can get additional space by chopping down the trees.

  • Upgrade important buildings

There are several kinds of buildings in Chief Almighty. It is important to upgrade a few of them. The Tribe Center is the first and most important building that you should upgrade.

To upgrade the Tribe Center, you have to upgrade the wall as a prerequisite. The wall should be upgraded to the same level as the Tribe Center. You should also upgrade the different troop training camps for unlocking High Tier troops. When you upgrade your Rune Altar, your crafting speed will increase.

  • Use Speed Ups

There are only limited speed ups available. To get them, you have to complete particular requests. You can also get them via random rewards when you spin the turtle and get lucky. You should save the Speed Ups until you reach the Tribe Center level nine plus. You should do so because before this level; you can just wait for new upgrades and make use of the clan aid. Moreover, Speed Yps should be used only until you reach the ten-minute mark.

  • Get Clan Aid

Clan aid is one of the major aspects of the game, as the speed up is available for free and is extremely fast. You can do the speed up for an endless number of times since as long as you have folks in the clan to aid, you shall be getting speed ups for free.

If you want to receive assistance from your clan, then just tap the helping hand’s option located at the upper side of the building which you wish to complete. After that, an instant request will be sent to the clan you have joined.

  • Pick an active clan

It is vital to join a good clan as it will enable you to bag greater rewards while speeding up your growth. When you join your first clan, you will get two hundred diamonds. While the free diamonds are reason enough for joining the clan, there are multiple other benefits as well. The clan members will help you build quicker. In case the clan you have joined is active, then you can provide and ask help from other game players for free.

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