3 Myths About Software Testing Debunked

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The present article is all about the myths that surround the software testing. Unleashed here is the truth behind these myths

These days, experience of users that software delivers determines how popular and profitable it would be. User experience delivered by any application depends on the performance, usability, accessibility and security across the number of devices and platforms. Henceforth, it is essential for the enterprises to focus more on the quality and the user-experience of the applications.

Enterprises these days implement formal software testing strategy so that high quality software can be launched. Besides, businesses these days test the software continuously to provide a better experience to the users. Still there are entrepreneurs that do not realize the importance of testing the software. They remain skeptical. There are various myths about this software.

Decoding the Myths Related to Software Testing

Testing Enhances Time to Market the Market:

This is one of the most common myths. To beat the competition, enterprises want to reduce the time to market the product. Enterprise can easily reduce the testing time by automating the testing activities. With the help of agile methodologies, coding and testing process can be combined seamlessly.

Testing Increases the Cost of Developing Software:

Most of the enterprises are of the belief that developing software cost them a fortune. They have to deploy them skilled testers, invest in the robust automation tools for the evaluation of the software. It is due to this reason that many enterprises feel it increases the cost significantly. They feel that avoid software testing means saving time and money. Contrary to this, software testing helps enterprises develop high quality software application which means avoiding the maintenance cost.

Test Automation Makes Manual Testing Thing of Past:

The latest test automation tools have helped the QA experts execute a number of tests without extra efforts and time. Hence enterprises are always on the look out to automate the testing activities. But, entrepreneurs are unaware about the shortcomings of the automation tools. They forget that however updated the tool may be, it does not have capability to take its own decisions. It is due to this reason that the human testers should be deployed along with the test automation tools to check the quality of software with precision.

To Make the Application Flawless, an Elaborate Testing is needed:

While test an application the testers evaluate the software for accessibility, performance, usability, functionality and user experience. They also locate and repair the defects and the issues hampering its performance. The test result also evaluate whether the application meets all the requirements of the future users. But, testers are not able to identify defects or bugs in the application despite the repeated tests. Hence the businesses must be prepared to fix the issues after the release of software. This makes the application flawless and not only the testing. Robotic process automation is the latest form of automation technology.

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