3 Landing Page Benefits for Small Businesses Explained

by Lenore C. Writer

What’s a landing page? It’s a dedicated page designed to bring awareness to a specific content piece—a page that helps prompt visitors through well-designed call-to-action buttons. A landing page offers an insightful report or a hard-to-refuse offer, which is known as a lead magnet, in exchange for information from a visitor. By receiving the visitor information, a business is a step closer to fine-tuning its audience-targeting strategies and boosting its conversion rate to a whole new level. That’s why a landing page is important for every business, especially a small one. In this explainer, we’ll focus on why it’s important for small businesses to unleash the power of landing pages. Let’s get started, now.


Landing pages work for small businesses


Small businesses are integral to the American economy. And that’s not just a feel-good talk—it’s true. Big businesses might steal the limelight, but small businesses help in working the economy. That means a small business owner is always in good company. Up next, here’s a quick rundown on why landing pages will work well for any small business.


Supporting business goals


The biggest benefit of landing pages is that they support business goals of entering new niche markets, enabling business owners to measure success, and targeting the audience better. Landing pages can be designed to help consumers take specific actions including signing up to a business’s mailing list, providing contact details, subscribing to newsletters, buying a product or service, or requesting a consultation.


Boosting conversion rates


Your website contains details that influence visitors to make decisions—a well-designed and properly optimized landing page will also gently persuade visitors to make decisions. That’s why landing pages depend so heavily on call-to-actions that prompt visitors to take the intended action. A well-thought and creative call-to-action button will help users take concrete actions that’ll boost conversions. For a small business, a well-designed landing page can bring in a high number of leads. More leads mean more customers. And more customers, eventually, mean more money for any business.


Generating actionable data and insights


Linking a landing page to a particular marketing campaign, content, source, or action, you can see the channel bringing in the greatest number of leads. Besides knowing which channel is responsible for bringing truckloads of leads, a landing page can even tell business owners the offerings or content topics that interest visitors the most. Landing pages produce helpful insights into tracking user behavior. Armed with these actionable insights, a business owner will know which strategies will help improve the effectiveness of any campaign.


Landing page checklist exclusive for small businesses


By following this checklist, a small business will optimize its landing page. This way, a small business will ensure whether the developed landing page works well.


·         The color scheme chosen for the landing page should be visually appealing.

·         The elements of the landing page including the headline, copy, and form should be spread out.

·         The page design should be simple and the copy should be large so that there’s no room for misunderstanding.

·         There’s enough blank space or whitespace to make navigation on the landing page a breeze.

·         The landing page doesn’t have any links other than the ones that are a must and will help increase the conversion rates.

·         The landing page includes some direction cues including lines, eye-directions, and arrows for directing the visitor’s attention to the page’s focus points.

·         The landing page’s heading is crisp, clear, and delivers value.

·         The call-to-action on a landing page looks like a button and not a nondescript link.

·         The copy of the call-to-action button is innovative and isn’t dull such as “Submit” or “Apple Now or “Click Here.”

·         If the landing page brings a time-sensitive offer, then it should include a countdown timer or something similar.

·         The landing page comes with reviews or testimonials along with the headshot of the people who are giving them.

·         The testimonials and reviews should have believable language.

·         The landing page copy discusses the offer’s benefits and not its features.

·         The page is finally proofread for avoiding any design or copy faux pas.


What if a business is unable to build landing pages fast?


Unable to build landing pages and deploy them on time, a business can lose multiple business opportunities. Which is why, as a marketing agency, your marketing software will have to incorporate landing page building capabilities. With these capabilities, your marketing software will help your clients build and deploy landing pages quickly.


However, does your marketing software have a built-in landing page builder? If not, then your software will face a severe churn rate. Enter a white label landing page builder that can be seamlessly quickly integrated into your marketing software in just one month. However, finding a white label landing page builder will be an uphill battle if you haven’t heard about Convrrt. A white label check-out page builder, Convrrt has won the trust of over 60,000 customers who have successfully developed and implemented more than 1 million landing pages.


So, if you want your marketing software to have a landing page builder without you doing any development work, then Convrrt will be your best bet. Visit Convrrt’s website and book a software demo today. 

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