3 Best Tips When Choosing Your E-Liquid

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For any vaper, finding the right e-juice is a moment to savour. Nothing can beat the taste of life-changing vape which marks the finishing line after trying a lot of various flavours and nicotine strengths. The hardest part of the ordeal is finding the e-juice which works for you. Luckily, this article is prepared to offer a helping hand and give you insights on the considerations when picking your ideal e-liquid. Here’re 3 best tips when choosing your e-liquid to ensure you get that vape you’ve been dying for.

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These tips will help you to make a smooth process of choosing perfect e-liquid for your needs. You have to choose a flavour, pick a nicotine percentage and determine how much you need. Read on for details on how to go about the process before you select your e-juice.

Pick a flavour

The first step is to decide the flavour you want. You have to be more specific by choosing the type of flavour. There’re various apparent choices for flavours including tobacco and menthol. However, to select an ideal taste, you have to do your homework to pick a flavour for perfect vaping. There’re various options of flavours for vaping which might make making a choice a bit tricky. Taking time to think about the kind of flavour you want helps save time and money.

Flavour options include tobacco, fruit, mint and sweet. However, remember to check compatibility with your e-cigarette if you are to shop e-liquid nicotine in Australia. Some newer flavours require use of modern e-cigarettes. Further consideration should be where you’re most likely to vape from regarding local regulations. Perhaps you also prefer different flavours on various occasions.

Choose percentage of nicotine

Equip yourself with enough information regarding nicotine percentage in e-juice. What kind of nicotine content do you need and what percentage options does the supplier offer? Some options might be 0 %, 0.8 % and 1.6%. Are you like most new vapers  who prefer e-liquid with a higher percentage of nicotine? There might even people who don’t mind much about their nicotine percentage.

A great idea is to try out some percentage until you discover one which works best for you. It will help you determine whether you prefer more or less nicotine in your e-juice. Always make sure to confirm that the flavour you choose comes with the proper nicotine strength of your choice. It’s a better way to ensure you get a great vaping experience.

Determine how much e-liquid you need

It might seem obvious, but most people overlook it. Always go into the market with your e-liquid needs in mind. Do you vape more often? Then, you have to buy more e-liquid. You might need about 6 cartridge refill packs or 2 liquid bottles based on the type of e-liquid you’re using a week if you vape throughout the day. This is just a rough guide. If you find yourself vaping more or less, your e-liquid needs will vary from that recommended here.

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