10 Most Popular Programming Languages in Web Development

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Programming languages in the modern-day tech world form the striking tools for the web developers of all web development companies. Coding is based on mastering the programming languages since these form the base to build up a successful website ready to go live, attract users and win Google's approval. 

Web development, in brief, refers to the multi-disciplinary activity for website creation and website maintenance. Should business website owners hire a web development company because developing a website can be done by a web development professional with having strong knowledge of tools and frameworks? It's only then that visually appealing, responsive and interactive web pages can be developed. Front-end web development and Back-end web development are the two categories that web developers handle. 
Furthermore, in this discussion we shall take up the line-up of the most popular programming languages the web developers of web development companies are acquainted with.  

1. Java
Java is the coding language responsible for daily website functioning. As one of the oldest and most adopted programming languages, Java is used for running internal software, especially in large-scale businesses and enterprises. 

Java is preferred in several web development companies since it can be suited to varied and numerous environments and maintains scalability and readability. The Web developers successfully use Java to run clearly on every user's device. Moreover, Java powers all the Android apps on Android Smartphones. 

Because Java is simple and compatible, the older applications created using this programming language continue performing, regardless of new releases. Web developers working with the cloud regard Java as the number one language since they are confident of using it in future. 

2. JavaScript
True that Java and JavaScript might share similarities, still don’t consider these two programming languages being intertwined. Believe it there are stark differences as well. 

We shall address the difference between Java and JavaScript. In its abilities, Java is exceptionally robust when complex applications should be created. However, the web developers have to first compile with another program before the computer can read it. On the flip side, JavaScript should be run through the browser. 

Web developers, for their assigned projects, use JavaScript for the website to retain the originality and interactivity traits – right from page effects to button animations. JavaScript is a part of the browser structure's foundation and it aids successful basic functions in a browser.  

We can say JavaScript is a boon to web development companies since actions such as browser extensions, email loading, and real-time communications depend on JavaScript to function properly and deliver a high user experience. 

3. PHP
To create dynamic web pages where the users can submit and transfer information on websites, like user logins and contact forms – the website developers use the scripting language PHP.  PHP is responsible for executing code on a server, such as adding, deleting and modifying data and then showing the results in the browser. The reason why website developers of every website development company use PHP is they can easily implement and wisely use the scripts for websites of all kinds.

4. Golang or Go In Short
Go had been developed within Google itself, and its usage spread like wildfire. Go is syntactically similar to C. As an open-source programming language, Go facilitates statistical typing, thus helping web developers to create software. In every web development company, the website developers use Go in the backend for databases, CLIs and APIs. 

In the Stack Overflow Developers Survey, Go is placed right on top as the programmers' most preferred language. 

5. Swift
Apple created Swift in 2014 to revamp Objective-C. It grew into the de facto language for OS X and iOS developers to build up their applications. 

Swift is easy to use when the developers are to create more rich applications. Moreover, it is time-saving. Most developers incorporate Swift into their apps which were primarily written using Objective-C. Hence, Swift occupies its position as the most popular programming language.  

6. C
C owes its existence much before the Internet came into practice as well and the modern idea of a browser took its birth. Even if C is a low-level language lacking the web-based framework for website building, C is mainly used to write software, create libraries and make the intended purpose run with efficiency.  

C is the foundation from which the other programming languages including C++ and Objective-C had been created. 

7. C++
The web developers use C++ to write applications for Adobe and Microsoft. Even it helps performance-critical applications such as video games, web browsers and development environments. 

It is to say a large-scale software infrastructure written using C++ never goes wrong. 

8. C#
Microsoft had developed C#.  The web developers use C# for enterprise applications using the .NET framework. C# is based on the C as well as C++ languages. When building the applications, the web developers working exclusively with Windows use C#. 

We can say this language C# is in good competition with Java, and C# is robust with Windows. Thus, the resulting element C# is used for creating large Windows applications and large websites. To say it in other words,  C# does not offer the cross-platform universality of Java, nevertheless, it is highly popular and a sought-after programming language with web developers, because the Windows environment is more prevalent with the clientele companies. 

9. Python
Just like Ruby, Python is popular for its readability, and simplicity as well as and vast ecosystem of libraries and frameworks. Hence a good introductory programming language for budding web developers. Python is of great importance to data analytics. Web developers use Python for writing the server-side logic that boosts web applications. It includes handling all HTTP requests and responses, data storage management and data retrieval, business logic implementation and rendering dynamic contents. 

10. Ruby
Ruby aids in readability since it has been built to make programming fun. Ruby is a superb introduction to object-oriented programming and concepts such as MVC architecture. 

Ruby on Rails, is a popular framework built using Ruby code. It enables barreling web developers to build websites faster by using established conventions and foundations. 

Much similar to JavaScripts, it contains a bounty of 3rd party libraries so developing a highly developed website in no time becomes easier in a fraction of time. 

The web developers of every web development company are trained and acquainted with the major concepts and theories backing the programming languages. As can be seen, each language is a tool to express those concepts that the web developers use for expressing, communicating and influencing everything done on a computer screen and portable smart devices. 

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