ZNZ One vs. the World - the Best way to Make Money Online

by Harry S. Entrepreneur
ZNZ One vs. the world I have an argument that ZNZ One is the best affiliate program out there and I dare you to dispute it! So if you want to fight over this I say put your boxing gloves and mouth piece and let’s go. Men, women, girls or boys bring it!

First of all if you don’t live or market in the US, UK or Canada then I lost my argument. But if you don’t have a hand in at least one of these markets in online income, you probably knocking yourself out anyhow.

Those who don’t know what ZNZ One is I will explain briefly or you can watch the video for yourself here. ZNZ One is a company that hosts some fortune 500 companies that offer trial offers that you have to sign up for and get others to sign up for to get paid.

It’s free…

That’s right I said it’s free to sign up, they have free and paid offers you can try. Once you get someone to do the same you get $20 within 24 hours in your account.

ZNZ One vs. Clickbank – Come on seriously a good way for me to have a one time customer is to affiliate a Clickbank product at least 80% is junk or recycled junk. Did I mention that you may or may not get paid from 30 to 90 days later?  ZNZ pays within a few hours. Here is a ZNZ knockout!

ZNZ One – 1-0

ZNZ One vs. Amazon - Amazon is a hard hitter it has physical products as well as digital products and it is a very big player online. But it only pays affiliates up to 8% for anything bought and it takes 30+ days to get paid. ZNZ One pays $20 per sign up everyday and no one has to buy anything.

You can write your own book basically and make money for free on Amazon although it’s like playing the lottery and time consuming to make a decent product. ZNZ wins a close one.

ZNZ One – 2-0

ZNZ One vs. CJ, Shareasale etc. – Again please spare me the time these are Amazon jr. companies they are better with the payouts but customers trust Amazon more. ZNZ One knocks out others! I will say the top 10 in these categories.

ZNZ One - 12-0

ZNZ One vs. $10 Flip Flops (something someone out of the blue thought up) – These are in many cases pyramids designed to pay those at the top believe me I know I’ve been behind the seen on many of these and you lose. I’ve been in meetings on these things and not once have the thought of you came up as being important. Its always let’s see how long we can milk the suckers which is you and me. ZNZ One knocked out another!

ZNZ One – 13-0

Now I want you to challenge me with your flimsy cartoonist offer so that I can squash it. I want to give you some info from my side of the fence first, I can’t stand ZNZ One! Yes, I said it I only signed up to support a friend but I decided to do a serious promotion and in 2 days I had a 112 sign ups! Not bad for less than an hour of work.

I promote over 500 affiliate programs currently and over 1200 products which I make decent money from. I have over 300 ranked sites, 1200+ junk sites and 75 partnered sites that most make some money every week.

I don’t have time for ZNZ mess but it keeps giving to me and the people I help money. Now I’m only getting between 15 + sign ups although I help more people than myself make money nowadays.

Anyhow bring your best because I will research everything about your company and rip it if it’s not a boss to helping others make money. Looking forward to the challenge!

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Nyroka Smith Freshman  CPA Offers and Cash
If you have someone who live outside the u.s, uk or canada, Isn't it possible for sponsors to transfer credit to that person so that they can at least refer and earn $20 for each referral?
May 14th 2012 22:49   
Saboor H. Professional   Owner web hosting company
it's work I m form Outside u.s or Uk and Canada ?
Feb 2nd 2013 00:09    Edited in Feb 2nd 2013 00:11
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