Which 'Anti-Virus' Software Should I Use?

by Robert Bridge Hiya

Its a simple question but like many simple questions is one that is constantly on peoples lips. Every year there is some new update and now and again we use different types of sofware on computer to make things easier to do. This is just one example of thing that can determine which anti-virus software you should choose. In this post I mention four that I have used and my experience with each in addition in some cases I will mention how long the anti-virus software lasted.

It is great having computers and its great when they work at a decent speed, whats even better is having a friend who knows more than you who can come in and check your computer once in a while and check everything is ok. Failing that you will just have to be your own friend and check it yourself. In this post I will try and be that friend and guide you a little bit at some options you may have overlooked.

Incase you do not know what anti-virus software is for I will say a little bit about this in this paragragh. Some of what you read here is my opinion and is not the kind of information that you will find as an explanation at the anti-virus destinations where you generally access and download these things.

I am sure you are running some anti-virus software and if you are not then I would say you are either nuts or perhaps you are running software that you have not found an anti-virus software that works with. If that is you I would strongly reccomend searching the site where you got the software from and check the reccomended anti-virus softwares you need.

If you just came here knowing nothing here is what I want to breifly say about anti-virus software. Online when you surf pages you often download bits and peices of data to your computer whether you are aware of it or not. Many sites have cookies that last longer than usual. Granted many browsers offer ad free apps to stop most of these cookies being attached to your computer. Now software you download from certain places can be manipulated to redirect you website to corrupt pages. This is how the infection on your computer grows. You get a virus and the code over time builds up negative rubbish. This affects your computer, often the first signs of this type of rubbish are bizarre things attached to your browser. Bizzare links turning up inside your browsers home page and an usual amount of activity happening on the backend inside your computers panel. A good sign to look out for is when your computer fan starts making noises. This is pressure on your computer. Having up to date anti-virus software can really help.

Well we are now in 2013 mode so you should be looking for new versions of anti-virus software and depending on which computer you use you will want to get the right software. The anti-virus softwares I review here are all good in there own way for the computer that I have used them with. Previously I paid an annual fee for anti-virus software, since that time I have educated myself about these things.

The first one I reccomend is for Mac users, it updates a lot in the background and does not effect the computer to much and the best thing its free. The name is Sophos check it out.

The second one is one I have used for over two years, its not brilliant but its easy to find and free it is not 100% unless you buy the annual version but it does work perfectly fine. For the past two years if a friend showed me there laptop that was giving them trouble I would do my thing, then add this. It is called AVG you might want to start with AVG depending on the size of your windows laptop.

The third one again is for Windows and is really good if you do not have much memory on your computer to store sometimes bulky anti-virus stuff. Apropriately this software is called Panda and it works great on those little Lenovo IBM Laptops.

The forth and final bit of anti-virus software I am reccomending is called Avast! Avast is really good, it changes the browser though so be mindful of that, you can turn it of but it still shows ratings alongside links, which perhaps is another future consideration of SEO which I could research for you and see if it actually means anything or not.

Finally I know you will do your own research on this topic and perhaps you already have lescense for software. Remember this though these companies after selling as much as they tell you they are updating if you are not paying a reinvestment fee then how do you expect them to have the capital to deliver you the service of these things. And after reading the news about the owner of one popular anti-virus software being on the run in South America borders for non payments of fines I would defo reccomend you do your own due dilligence about the software you choose on your computer.

A subnote I would also reccomend updating your memory chip if your computer is experiencing slowness. You can update your chip, add an extra chip or replace a chip. By adding one or two gigs it can really turn a slow laptop into a good as new cruising machine. Have fun. Also another warning when downloading anit-virus and any other software is check that it is in a language you can either understand or translate somewhere on Google translations. Happy 2013.


Robert Bridge.


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