What's The Easiest Class to Level Up in Wow MOP 5.0

by Annie T. Pasiaboat Networking

There are many class changed in Wow, what class are easy for players? While Paladins should be one of the easiest class to leve up in Wow MOP 5.0, whichare a defensive focused class that can heal, wear highest class of armor and gets several types of damage shields. They become very self sufficient as they reach higher levels as their retribution abilities rgenerate health and mana. They are also a hybrid class that allows the person to choose any of the three roles of tank, dps or healer which can make finding groups to level with a lot easier.

Hunter (Beast Master spec ones especially) is the most common choice for easy and fast levelling for a multitude of reasons :

Low dependence of gear to do damage : even with crappy gear you will be able to do decent damage
Pet class : a pet able to really tank (hold the monsters on him while you're killing them)
Ranged dps : you don't have to be teeth to teeth with the enemy
Multiple escape mechanism : Hunters can disengage (jump back), feign death
Built-in regen mecanism : You're able to regen while doing still some dps and farming Wow Pandaria gold, and you're pet is able to DPS as normal while you auto regen

Not to mention that Hunters are an extremely easy class to play. So if you are looking for a class to level up quickly your best bet would be to use a hunter. There has been tons of people who have leveled to 60 in around 4 days and 20 hours but that was only possible using a hunter.

Paladin is also one of the easiest class to leve up in Wow MOP 5.0 Gold. A protection spec paladin can level rather quickly -for a paladin-, but it requires a specific gear setup and only works on certain mobs. I'm glad my paladin was my main and I didn't know any better. Never having to do a corpse run is nice, but the vast majority of leveling involves killing, and pallys just do it far slower than anyone else. Leveling a druid now, the fact that it doesn't take 30 seconds to kill a mob alarms and pleases me.

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