What's Guild Wars 2 Best PvP Class ?

by Zhu Kent Love Game

The best classes in Guild Wars 2 are the ones that can effectively use both ranged and melee weapons. This allows them to use ranged weapons in World vs World and melee weapons in smaller battles. Since Guild Wars 2 is released, you might be wondering what the best PvP class in Guild Wars 2 is and is here to answer this question.

Warrior. While you might not think of the Warrior as a class that should be good at ranged, you should know they are very strong with the bow and dish out a surprising amount of damage and gw2 gold from range. Many Warriors use the bow exclusively and there are a ton of Warrior Bow PvP videos on Youtube as a result.

Thief. For smaller-scale battles, the Thief does get access to steal thing abilities. Being able to go invisible is always an advantage in 1v1 as it lets you control the pace of the fight.

Elementalist - they are best summed up as PREY, especially when I have pets go boom. Elementalists can do a lot of AoE damage and run around, but their health is very low without sacrificing damage for health. I don't really know a great way to play them without the staff or dagger. I've tried mono-builds (Mono Fire crit, Mono fire Burn, Mono Air crit. Mono Earth Tank/Bleed) to no avail.

Rangers are probably the king of damage at this point. Rapid Fire shaves off much hp if it connects and you're kept at a good amount of health. They can knock back enemies, and Arrow Rain is just an annoying skill to deal with in WvWvW.

Engineers. They really need a better build for PvP. So far glue shot hasn't worked for me at all so dual pistols are out of the question. They have good chasing abilities with a Net and overcharged shot and can slightly get away with rocket jump but they don't do as well damage without getting up too close. Pistols and Shields seems good but the damage doesn't cut it vs others.

What's guild wars 2 best pvp class or what's the best pvp class in guild wars 2 ? From my own experience as a guild wars 2 lover, I think the Warrior and the Thief are both two of the best pvp classes in Guild Wars 2. If I had to pick one, I would select the Warrior due to its heavy armor which comes in handy in all forms of PvP. If you are interested in more guild wars 2 guides or buy guild wars 2 gold news,you can find out more at

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