What are the benefits of treadmill workout ?

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Everything has become either virtual or mechanical making it ‘easy’ for us, humans, to be independent of the ‘real’ experiences. Like the many versions of Play Station and PSP, with each new decade, the real time experience of playing any outdoor game is reducing day by day. So much so that it is not ‘outdoor’ games anymore. From football to tennis, horse-racing to baseball, even the physical contact and exercise is zeroing-in.

Similarly, in the technology world, even the simplest of exercise like running or jogging can be done right at home. Though the physical and outdoor experience stands out as the most beneficial of all and healthy too. Yet, a recent study has found out that running on a treadmill burns more calories and reduces fat more, as compared to running or jogging outside.

Indeed, it is a bit surprising to know this and this is no marketing tactics. For sure, there are numerous reasons why treadmill workouts are beneficial and most effective in reducing weight or burning those extra kilos off. And this article, explores some of those points.

SELF-BENEFITS- Treadmill v/s Running Outside

The best of having a treadmill at home and choosing it instead of running outside is that you can give no excuses. It is too sunny, it is raining, etc., no excuse can prevent you from continuing your exercise on the treadmill.

You will have privacy, no bumping into strangers or animals, or stopping for the traffic. Already the footpaths are disappearing and all you can see is one car after another- on the pavement, on the road, around the parks.

It is true that you will lose that ‘natural touch’ of jogging around nature, but think of this, is really the around you pure? The increasing amount of polluted air just makes it more convincing to run on a treadmill.

And what’s more, you can watch your favorite serial, movie as well workout at the same time. No boring workouts then!


It is a fact that all heart patients go through a treadmill test so you can imagine how helpful and useful is a treadmill is determining a heart disease. As much as it helps in recognizing a potential threat to your heart, it also aids in keeping your heart healthy.

A daily treadmill exercise regime helps improve blood circulation, which is the foremost benefit for a healthy heart. In addition, it in lowering blood pressure by strengthening the heart.

Exercising on a treadmill also helps in protecting against blood vessel/heart disease by lowering the levels of bad cholesterol. Thus, in short, it helps in controlling cholesterol levels too.

Although, treadmill exercising and running is an appealing option, yet it is always best to consult your doctor before hopping on that treadmill. Just to be sure whether your body would be able to handle such stress and exertion.


The way treadmill burns out the bad cholesterol, in the same way, it helps in controlling the insulin level in type 2 diabetic patients. The Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry had published a study stating that with regular exercise the blood sugar levels decrease in diabetic patients.

The right diet and a routine exercise can curb the diabetes problem so much so that the medication one is receiving, can be regulated or reduced accordingly.

Another interesting aspect of treadmill workout is that it regulates sleep pattern. The more your body works, the more you sleep better undisturbed. Thus, it improves the sleep cycles by inducing sleep hormones, which are regulated by a specific exercise routine.


A recent study has proved that treadmill workout burns fat faster and speedily too than, running/ jogging outside. Think about this, for every mile you run on a treadmill, you burn 100 calories.

As you get comfortable, you can run non-stop on a treadmill. Consequently, you will reach a point where you’re able to run for half-and-hour at a stretch without stopping.

With each day as you rev up your workout intensity and increase the speed, the more calories you burn, aiding in a speedy weight loss.

A healthy diet along with a routine treadmill workout would just act as a catalyst for your weight loss program.


Various features have come out in the new-age treadmills. Now you can check how many calories you have burnt, your BP reading is flashed in front you and it can even read your heart rate.

Similarly, speed and incline features are included in the treadmill nowadays. For those who want to increase their running speed, it is a common practice of running down a hill. But when you have a treadmill, you can make it a bit more challenging and also, where would one find a hill in a congested area! For this, you can just increase the speed on your treadmill slowly once you get adjusted to the incline. Then, accordingly, heighten the incline.

In this way, it helps in improving your speed rate as well.

Most treadmills are manual but at this moment where everyone is a techno-freak,motorized treadmill are in demand. The best way to choose the right one is to consider the factors like- price, quality, brand, fold-ability, features, etc.

No doubt treadmills are beneficial than any other gym equipment and, what's more, is that now you can get them at affordable prices. They are the best option for a one-time investment. So, sow once and reap its benefits for a lifetime.

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Rajiv Ranjan Kumar Freshman  Internet Marketing
Thanks for Information.
Jan 23rd 2016 04:59   
Priyanka Choudhary Advanced  Healthcare Professional
Can you please tell me what feature make treadmill excellent.
Jan 23rd 2016 06:03   
Healthcare Guide Advanced  Entrepreneur
@Priyanka Choudhary
Motor power of 2 HP
Enabled with a massager and a sit up function
Quality speakers
A bright blue display that offers time, distance, calories and heart rate.
Jan 25th 2016 04:20   
Healthcare Guide Advanced  Entrepreneur
@Rajiv Ranjan Kumar
You are welcome
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Priyanka Choudhary Advanced  Healthcare Professional
Thanks Sachin Shubham
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